Vitamin Deficiency In Women With Age Needs Supplementation

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Vitamins – the essential components of human body and are needed to keep in good working condition. Vitamins are the need of both men as well as women though the type of vitamins may vary for both. It’s important to realize what the vitamin needs are and then one can go for treating the deficiency of vitamins.

Vitamins And Body Changes – The specific need of vitamins in women is related to different changes being taken place in their bodies with age. These physiological changes may not occur in men; therefore the vitamin needs differ in an obvious way.

Important Changes That Require Vitamins – Following are some of the major changes in women’s bodies that help in increased need of certain vitamins. Have a look!

Post Menstrual Syndrome Or PMS – Every woman goes through normal cycle of menstruation and during PMS several changes appear that might be good or irritating to bear. Inflammation, oscillations, and mood swings are common symptoms that make the life suffering. At this stage Vitamin B6 offers great help to lower the symptoms. The recommended dosage is 50-100 mg. it helps in coping with depression and also sharpens memory along with correcting cardiac disorders. When more hormones are released in brain then, it works for making the immunity strong.

Pregnancy Needs Vitamin Supplementation – Vitamin B 6 consumption during pregnancy helps in treating the nauseate condition. It is recommended by expert doctors that Vitamin B 6 works magically to make the morning free from nauseate feeling. Consuming folic acid also helps a lot in coping with iron deficiency. To have a great source of Vitamins A, D and K, consume cod liver oil. Vitamin B2 and Riboflavin are also present in cod liver oil that provide good care against pre eclamsia which otherwise may prove to be fatal.

Breastfeeding Requires Essential Vitamins – After giving birth to a baby, the time starts for breastfeeding. Consumption of several vitamins during that stage is essential because, it affects the health of mother as well as the feeding baby. Taking Vitamin K during breastfeeding helps in building bones of the new born.

Menopause – The Ultimate Stage Of Vitamin Deficiency – Menopause is a stage when normal menstruation of a woman comes to an end and infertility starts. The worst symptoms begin to appear many years before the onset of menopause. Right selection of vitamins is essential to be consumed at this stage. Additional consumption of Vitamin E is required to work as antioxidant. It helps in improving the average age of cells and a safeguard against heart issues, cancer, loss of memory and other diseases that are associated with aging. Immunity also gets strengthened because of vitamin balance at this stage.

Vitamins are not just the need of young bodies, but growing old makes the right balance of vitamins more essential. For women, this need multiplies many folds as they have to look after themselves and their family as well. Including natural food rich in vitamins in your daily food can work well instead of going for vitamin supplements.

A healthy body helps healthy performance!

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