Vitamin D Deficiency Affects One Third of Americans

sun and vitamin D

Now this is one health news am not shocked to hear. Why shouldn’t the people of America or any other developed nation not have deficiency of Vitamin D. Look at how they spend their day and you will have a fair idea why this deficiency is getting so common in the American population. Most of the time you are in air condition, the little sunshine you get would not have helped anyway but to add the fact that you have a skin care lotion which is protecting against the sun ray is just enough to stop that little sun light that hit your skin. No direct sun light means no vitamin D production, and that is just common sense. However, there is this – vitamin D supplement, to your aid, but if you do not consult a doctor and ask for that supplement and spend quite a lot of money to get it, then there is no reason why you won’t be deficient in the sunshine vitamin.

According to the report released by the National Center of Health related Statistics, based in the United States, shows that about two thirds of the total population is having safe levels of vitamin d, however one third of it was at risk for inadequate amount of vitamin D. Among that one third, some were at risk for deficiency. The real concern is about that 8 percent of the population that is at deficiency which can lead them to calcium deficiency etc. which are related to vitamin D. This report was covered during 2001 to 2006.

Earlier, in a study, it was shown that having good amount of vitamin D can help to keep multiple sclerosis away. Also, recently a guest post by Marie Clark talked about how osteoporosis can be prevented if one takes sufficient amount of calcium and vitamin D among other things. If you are already finding some of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, or you feel that your regular intake of calcium or vitamin D is not sufficient, we suggest you to meet your doctor as soon as possible.

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