Visit a Dentist More So You Need Them Less


Although generally feared, dentists are essential to having a healthy life. The general rule is that you are supposed to go see a dentist once every six months, but few people really adhere to this plan, and because of it their oral health tends to suffer. Toothaches are the biggest reason a person comes into a dentist’s office, but unfortunately it’s often too late for a dentist to fix the problem without sometimes painful procedures. What could have been solved with a simple cleaning which takes less than an hour with no pain whatsoever, can turn out to be something bad like getting a cavity fixed or even a root canal.

It’s usually in everyone’s best interests to avoid this scenario, and going to the dentist regularly is a wise thing to do. Keeping healthy oral habits is far more than just having an aesthetically pleasing mouth; it also allows you to stay healthy in general. Having a gum disease can often lead to other diseases that can infect your whole body. Another way poor dental hygiene can hurt is by losing the use of your teeth. Bad oral hygiene can lead to the loss of enamel, or loss of your teeth, leaving you unable to have many foods that most people consider essential.

There are plenty of ways dentists can help though even if you have poor teeth by performing operations such as cosmetic fillings or dental implants. A dental implant is used when a tooth is either completely destroyed or gone. For instance if you were hit in the face and lost most of a tooth, then the doctor can replace it with a metal spike in your gums and then cast a fake tooth around it, making it look and function just like a real tooth.

For those who simply need a cavity filled, cosmetic fillings are a great option. They can be filled with a number of different substances, each with their own unique benefits. Some can be made to be like the traditional silver fillings, while others can be made to look natural like a normal tooth, often drawing attention away from your cavity.

These are all great reasons to see a dentist, although in the end, the best reason to go to a dentist regularly is so that you don’t have to go so often when you’re older, for much worse reasons other than simply getting a routine cleaning.

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