Vino Voyages: 5 Travel Tips for Wine Lovers

Being a wine lover opens up a whole new world of possibilities when you decide to go traveling. You can visit well-known wine regions, go on wine tours, and try wonderful wine varieties that may not be available in your home country or region.

If you’re planning your next travel adventure and want to maximize your experience, you can find some helpful travel tips for wine lovers below:

Take Notes

If you’re taking a special trip to a famous wine region, you can learn about and try all manner of wine varieties. Bring a notebook and pen so you can take notes about your experiences. You may then be less likely to forget which varieties you liked the most. Upon returning home, you’ll be able to refer to your notebook when trying to purchase Loire, Tuscany, Rioja, or Yarra Valley wines online.

Research Wine Regions

There are hundreds of wine-making areas and regions in the world. Some are undoubtedly more popular than others, with Italy producing the most wine, closely followed by France, Spain, the United States, and Australia.

Knowing just how many incredible wine regions there are to explore, consider researching them in great detail when you start thinking about a vacation. You’ll then be able to create a list of those you’d like to visit the most and plan your itinerary around them.

For example, suppose you were already heading to Italy to enjoy the many standout attractions like the Colosseum, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiora, and the Pantheon. In that case, you might start learning more about the best wine regions in Italy, like Tuscany, Piedmont, and Veneto.

The same goes for Australia. Planning a trip to Melbourne, Australia might see you learning more about the famous wine region of Yarra Valley surrounding the Yarra River in Victoria.

Check Regulations and Restrictions

Upon discovering a new wine variety in a different country, you might be eager to bring it home with you. In most cases, you’ll be able to. However, there’s no harm in learning more about regulations and restrictions to ensure you remain on the right side of the law.

In the United States, you may bring back one liter per person if you’re 21 or older. Any additional quantities may be subject to duty and IRS taxes.

Book Ahead

While many wineries welcome visitors with open arms, most don’t provide tours on a whim. You often have to book in advance to ensure availability. Once you start planning your itinerary and have a specific wine region in mind, research local vineyards and available tours. You can then book tours in advance to avoid missing out.

Organize Transport

Alcohol consumption laws differ throughout the world. For example, the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit in most parts of the United States and the United Kingdom is 0.08%, but it’s 0.05% in Australia, New Zealand, and Italy.

Familiarize yourself with the law and organize transport to be on the safe side. Taxis, buses, trains, and ride-share services are a few of the many options available after most wine-tasting events. When you book a wine tour or tasting event in advance, you may also be able to take advantage of provided courtesy drivers.

Traveling to new places as a wine lover can be exciting. You can explore new wine regions and try wine varieties you’ve never had before. However, a small amount of planning can go a long way toward enhancing your wine-related activities for an even more enjoyable trip.

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