Vibrational Medicine- The basics


According to Einstein’s model, everything is energy and every form of energy vibrates at a particular frequency. Some energies move fast, at a higher frequency, and some are slow, vibrating at a lower frequency.

In the human body, each organ is made up of a particular vibrational frequency and each human being as a whole resonates at a particular frequency or vibration.

When a form of energy vibrates close to other form, the second form of energy will begin to vibrate in the same tone, due to the resonance phenomenon. Resonance occurs when one form of energy transmits its frequency to another form and this other form transforms itself to become the same vibrational frequency.

Every form of matter – from the smallest cell of the human body to Planet Earth- perceives vibration, resonates and attunes itself with like frequencies. And if everything is energy and responds to energy vibration, anything can be affected by energy and anything can be used as a vibrational tool to make another form of matter vibrate differently. Everything existing has a frequency of balance and health and disrupting this balanced vibration leads to chaos or illnesses. Everything can be put back into order with the intervention of a new vibration. These are the basics of the Vibrational Medicine.

Explained in simple words, Vibrational Medicine is the use of different forms and frequencies of energy in healing. From the Vibrational Medicine perspective, the human being is a “multi-dimensional human energy system” and to restore the energy balance which is specific for the complete health state it is necessary to take into consideration four main aspects:

  1. Atoms and molecules within the human are energy bodies and they coherently and harmoniously interact creating cells, body tissues and organs. The structure they create is dynamic (apparently static).
  2. According to the “physiological” theories promoted by the vibrational medicine, the energy flows into the human body; these flows of energy can be observed using modern research methods; these theories appear to correlate with ancient wisdom about the meridian system and the chakra system, from Chinese and Indian traditions respectively. These theories are not limited to the physical body but also include mind and spirit.
  3.  The Vibrational Medicine observes the patterns of disharmony in the energy flow which lead to disease “pathology”, firstly manifesting at an invisible level. Disharmonies can be caused come both from within and from without factors, including sources such as electromagnetic fields and emotional traumas.
  4. To reharmonize the patterns of imbalance, the vibrational medicines uses therapeutic modalities which include (but are not limited to) acupuncture, homeopathy, flower essences, magnet therapy, bodywork, therapies like Therapeutic Touch and spiritual healing and others.


Read more:

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