Vibrational Medicine- Radionics, a Way to Reestablish the Energy Patterns Specific for Healthy People


Radionics is a method of diagnosing and healing based on the idea that every part of the human body irradiates a specific energy pattern, frequency or vibration. When an illness occurs, an energy pattern from the body’s energy flow is imbalanced or interrupted. The Radionic method identifies the energy blockage and corrects the imbalance restoring the energy flow. This healing method does not operate directly on the physical body, but on its energy fields, fields which, even if are undetected by the normal senses, they are common for all humans and for all the other life forms.

Usually, the success of the Radionic therapies depends on the sensitivity, knowledge and expertise of the practitioner. With an experienced practitioner, the patient can be miles away and the therapy sessions still successful.  The Radionic practitioner can perceive the energy flows between the energy centers (chakras) of the body and can see the reasons behind certain physical and psychological imbalances. His aim is to identify all the factors which have contributed to the imbalances present the patient’s aura. These factors may refer to a wide range of aspects including, for example, the environment, the geographical energy fields, the astrological aspects, etc. For a complete assessment of the patient’s state, the practitioner uses a series of yes/no questions, and a dowsing device like a pendulum, a detector pad, a forked twig, an L-rod, or some biofeedback instruments with electrodes.

bratari daciceWhen the assessment is finished, the imbalanced energies patterns can be corrected with the help of a Radionic instrument. This instrument projects healing energy patterns over the body of the patient or, more often, over a photograph, blood spot, snippet of hair or over a fingernail clipping from the patient (known as the patient’s witness). This machine sends coded messages through a specific energy rhythm.  Extremely important parts of the Radionic treatment are the intentionality of the operator and the shielding from negative miasms. Miasms are energetic forces disseminated at all levels in the universe predisposing to illnesses, misfortune and tragedies.



The energy around the universe tends to affect us in many different ways. The positive energy gives us a mindset which makes us feel free, feel positive and ready to work and embrace the world. The negative energy on the other hand makes us feel tired, out of sync with our environment and feeling generally negative and devoid of energy. The negative and positive energies maintain a balance around us and it is up to us to absorb the positive and repel the negative energies.

Chakras and the process of Healing

The ancient texts of India divided the human energy system into seven chakras through which energy flows up or down the spinal system. These chakras have a connection to the endocrine glands in the body leading to a physical as well as spiritual balance of the body mind and soul. An imbalance in the chakras and their flow will affect our body and will spill into our mindset and create disturbances which can be observed in our work, our work and our relationships. Balancing of the chakras will make you feel more grounded, in touch with your inner self and your emotions. It will enable you to express your feelings and communicate well, fell energetic in your sexual life and relationships in general. Misbalanced chakras will make you feel the opposite and make you feel irritated, out of sync with your inner self, make it difficult to express yourself or make you feel disconnected with the divine.

Train your Chakras and yourself

It is imperative that you remain in tune with yourself and your chakras remain in line and the energy flow through them balanced. If you feel you need help with your inner energy imbalance try a session on the imbalance of your chakras and how it affects your personal life.

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