Vibrational Medicine- Crystal and Gemstone Elixirs

One of the simplest medicines used in the vibrational medicines are crystal and gemstone elixirs or essences. These elixirs, also known as gem remedies, gem tonics or gem drinks, are a combination of purified water, brandy and Vibrational Energy of a gemstone. They act as an interface between the anatomical and etheric levels of the body.

How to prepare your own gemstone elixir

The gemstone elixirs are a result of a simple infusion process. During this process, the stone’s vibrational energies are transferred to the water providing health and healing benefits.

  1. Choose the gemstone according to your purpose (ex: rose quartz for self-love; amber- to stimulate intellect and clear depression; citrine for success, abundance and prosperity etc).
  2. Cleanse the crystal with some running water and by visualizing a white light flow washing it.
  3. Fill a glass bowl with pure water (you can use quality spring water, too).
  4. Place the gemstone directly in the water or in a small glass recipient which may fit into the bowl. It is actually recommended to put the gemstone in a jar and the jar in the bowl, because some crystals may dissolve or crumple in the water, while others can contain metals or toxins.
  5. Place the bowl in a sunny place and let the elixir solarize throughout the day, or overnight if it is a full moon. If it is possible, let the elixir sit for 12 hours before drinking it.
  6. Prepare some small dropper bottles. Fill them one third with brandy.  Strain the liquid with the gemstone and pour it into the bottles to fill them up. The mixture prepared in these bottles is the Mother elixir. Seal them and label them with a date and a positive affirmation. It is recommended to express aloud or by thoughts what benefit you would like to receive from the essences you are making. Focusing on your aims actually helps the energy transfer and vibrations from the stone into the gem drink.

How to use the gemstone elixir

Three times a day, each day, you can take 4-5 drops of the essence directly on the tongue or you can mix the elixir in a small amount of water (20 ml) and drink it. You can take the elixir for up to a month, depending on the type of gemstone used to prepare the elixirs (for example, the elixirs obtain by the energy transfer from high energy crystals can be taken for two weeks in a row followed by one week of pause).

The gemstone elixirs can also be used externally to target certain imbalances and diseases. The energy patterns will be transferred from the elixir to the skin and into the body. The mixture should be stronger than the mixture for internal use. You can administer it thorough a small spray bottle or by putting the essence in the bath tub.


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  1. Quartzhouse says:

    One of the simplest vibration medicines that you can easily prepare yourself at home, crystal elixirs are waters infused with gems or crystals, preserved in alcohol (or glycerol). During the infusion process, the water becomes attuned with a gem or crystals specific vibration – it’s signature.

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