Vibrational Healing- Healing with the Ener-Chi Art

Immune-SystemEner-Chi Art is a healing method promoted by Andreas Moritz- a practitioner of Ayurveda, iridology, shiatsu, and vibrational medicine. The main purpose of the Ener-Chi Art is to restore a balanced flow of the “Chi” throughout the body. Chi (qì, ch’i or ki) is the natural energy, the energy flow or the life force which resides in any living thing. Under different names, the chi concept is acknowledged by almost every culture: pran, mana, ruah, lung, vital energy.

Everyone knows that to make healing possible, the patient must be ready to cure every level of his being: body, mind, and spirit. With this idea in his mind, the creator of the Ener-Chi Art, Andreas Moritz, tried to find a way to nurture and heal all these three levels of our existence. In this purpose, the author created a series of 22 paintings imbued with light-encoded energies, which are meant to activate the energy flow in each and every part of the body.  Each painting corresponds to an organ or a system of the body, which is “activated” with specific light rays present in the painting and representing the chi of that organ. Looking at the painting for a specific amount of time (as instructed by the author) leads to profound changes in the life energy field corresponding to that organ. The flow of Chi is restored, and the “emotional imbalances that have been locked in the cellular structure of that organ are systematically transmuted and released”.

LiverThe series of painting include paintings for the following organs/systems of the body: skin, back, blood, brain and nervous system, ears, endocrine system, eyes, immune system, heart, joints, kidneys, large intestine, small intestine and circulation, liver, lymphatic system, muscular system, neck and shoulders, nose and sinuses, skeletal system, respiratory system, spleen, stomach, tongue.

Each of these body parts has its own aura field. All the auras of the organs generate the aura of the body. Looking at the Ener-Chi painting cleanses the aura as well as the physical and mental bodies, and balances the Chi force throughout the body. Similar to the process of osmosis, it transports energy in and out of the body without any disruption. The effect of the Ener-Chi Art can be verified through a simple muscle testing procedure applied both before and after viewing the picture or by taking auric photographs of the body.

Andreas Moritz also believes that the Ener-Chi Art can also effect in a positive manner the genetic blueprint of the body — the DNA, by activating the codes within the DNA structure that are linked with total immunity to disease and full use of the body’s potential.

Beyond-The-HorizonA second series of paintings include six other creations designed to heal the Earth. These are meant to awaken and restore the energies of the Planet.

Copies of the Ener-Chi paintings can be seen and bought from

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