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One of the most frustrating and embarrassing health issues is known as varicose veins. This particular condition affects millions of people worldwide no matter the race, religion or creed. One of the top specialists in this field in Dr. Jordan Garrison, and he has years of experience in the game. Dr. Garrison works exclusively with the prestigious Metro Vein Centers organization in the state of New Jersey. On the other hand, varicose veins are a collection of purple and blue veins that appear right under the skin’s surface. General lethargy and spasms are some of the frustrating issues when dealing with this condition.

Just Who Is Dr. Jordan Garrison?

Dr. Garrison is a well-respected vein doctor that possesses a long list of satisfied clients. This man has an extended education that consists of being a bariatric and vascular surgeon. This board-certified surgeon has more than 25 years of experience, and he graduated from the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey’s Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. “I try to empower my patient through knowledge because they’ll generally have some form of anxiety,” said Dr. Garrison. The goal of varicose vein treatments is to remove the pain and discomfort. Thanks to having such a wide range of treatments, each treatment does an affective job of doing so. Laser ablation is one of the most common methods of varicose vein treatments. Restoring proper blood flow is achieved via collapsing the interior wall of the vein itself. This particular noninvasive method is pain-free as well as risk-free, which makes it so popular.

Another method of eradicating varicose veins is foam injection. This highly educated vein doctor uses this particular treatment to unblock clogged veins. Foam injection is actually a mixture of biodegradable chemicals that are used to agitate the veins via air. What makes this procedure so important is that it won’t leave any known scarring of the skin. Dr. Garrison has been working his magic alongside other surgeons at Metro Vein Centers. This phenomenal organization provides leading-edge diagnostic and treatment options to effectively fight this condition. In total, the organization has five locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Michigan and Texas.

Being so highly accomplished isn’t an easy task. Dr. Jordan Garrison has many known accomplishments under his belt. This man has a B.S. in Chemistry from Lehigh University, and he’s a mentor of students who are aspiring to be surgeons. In 1989, he completed his residency at the New Jersey Medical School in Newark. Thanks to having so many technological advancements on deck, Dr. Garrison’s patients can resume activities the very next day. This phenomenal vein doctor definitely practices what he preaches as he has served on a number of medical committees. The future of varicose vein treatments is looking brighter thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Dr. Jordan Garrison and Metro Vein Centers.

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