Valentine’s Party Ideas that Make Your Day of Love


Call all your friends who are heads over heels with their loved one. Because, it’s time to celebrate one of the cherished and awaited day for all the lovers out there. It’s Valentine’s Day after all. Well, when you are calling them together means you are going have a amazing party. Are you in search of some Valentine’s Day party ideas that will make their heart race? Then you are at right place. Keep scrolling to find out more.



1) V-day Party Invitations

The first and foremost thing you for any party is of course invitations. All you need is to gather up the list of your friends who have been in a relationship since a long time. Once done, you can search for different theme of Valentine’s Day invitation cards. Nowadays everything gets very easy hence you can get it even customizable ones. A dark red color card with some hearts and bow will work best. Write down some sweet and romantic quotes. You can also send valentine’s day gifts online along with the invitations.


 2) V-Day Party Decoration

The decoration you plan on doing depends a lot on for whom the party is basically for. If you are planning to have it for kids then there you can organize pink, white, red balloons and have their favourite cupcakes and food. You can send balloons online from giftblooms, which is highly reputed gifting website for gifts delivery. Also for some fun you can keep a DIY section of creating hearts with the help of paper. For adults you need to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. You can light up or use floating candles, dim the lights and sprinkle rose petals.


3) V-Day Party Favors

One of the most loved qualities of being a host is to be thoughtful for everyone. You can fill up the box or a basket or a cute little bag with loads of items which they love. They are your friends, so you are very well aware about their likes and dislikes. In case if you aren’t then you can always keep some items mandatory. Like a box of chocolates, a heart shape cute pillow and many more items. Stick a sticker on the luggage to make it look more attractive. And to make it even more special, you can opt for Valentines Day and send a mouthwatering red velvet or any cake as a token of appreciation.


4) V-Day Party Food & Drinks

No matter in which party you are attending or perhaps you are throwing. The highlight will always be the food.  Who doesn’t love the food? Therefore, when you are having a party for Valentine’s Day then make sure to cook some appetizing food. First and foremost a chocolate cake in heart shape will work best. Why? Because everyone loves indulging themselves into chocolates. Followed by a main course dinner which can be something light and easy to prepare. Check out some cool recipes of pasta, raviolis etc. Nothing works best like those sugar cookies coated with red and white sprinklers. They are a must for V-Day. You can browsing food and drinks recipe on 10 minute Ideas, where you can find all type of ideas.

5) V-Day Party Games

Most of the time when you are in a party, you tend to socialize more with the surrounded people. But you can try out something different by having some really awesome Valentine’s Day party games. You can always keep the kids section aside and the adult’s one as well.

A jar full of love – Gather up similar chocolates and mix it up in the jar. The little one will have to find out matching it pair.

And another one can be arranging a jigsaw puzzle kind of game, craft activity and much more. For adults you can have Cupids challenge like getting to know each other at best, Bingo cards and any other game that pops up in your mind.

If you are looking to have a mind-blowing party then you are at right place. The above mentioned ideas are sure to add cheers to your party. Valentine’s Day is when you celebrate your love with your companion with whom you share an eternal bond. Hence, throw a party and bring all your friends and their love together. These are the memories you will look back, Always.

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