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Maintaining your workout routine when on vacation is not only a good idea, it is important. Your body grows use to the routine and you may find yourself feeling nervous, fidgety, or a little short tempered, if you suddenly stop. Another negative result might be the gain of a few pounds. If you use small hand weights, exercise bands or special clothes to work out in you should think about bringing them with you. You could put them to use in your room, in the morning or before you retire. This may be your best solution on city a vacation.

Many resorts and hotels offer exercise rooms where you can exercise on some or all of the machines you use during your at home workout routine. Usually there is no charge for using the equipment. Ask what facilities are available when making your reservation.

One of the nice things about vacations is the temporary change of routine. You may want to vary your aerobic exercise with sports; swimming, skiing, long runs on a beach, or doing your sightseeing on foot. Climbing stairs instead of using an elevator or escalator is also good aerobic exercise. Those kinds of exercise will leave you feeling calmer and more relaxed. They are not an entire remedy, but are helpful. You should seek out an activity you enjoy or want to try that will give your body the same amount of exercise that you would normally give it during your normal at home schedule.

Biking is a great way to view an area and burn calories. It does not have to be mountain biking. It can be an easy, relaxed ride for several hours.

Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or playing with your kids just off the beach offer pleasant ways to burn calories.

Beach volleyball is great exercise, if you can find a game or get a group together. Long walks on a sandy beach are also great exercise. The soft sand offers little resistance and walking over it burns extra calories

Hiking is as a great way to view the scenery and burn calories. Add a hill or two and you will burn many calories. You will also have had the opportunity of creating lasting memories of your vacation by taking photos.

If you are a golfer, you may want to visit a local golf course. Walk though, do not ride around in a cart, and do carry your own clubs, other wise you will not gain much benefit or burn many calories.

If you have experience horseback riding you know that it is a great way to see the scenery, enjoy nature and a good way to burn calories, especially if you give the horse the chance to run.

Tennis involves a lot of running around on a court and swinging your arm hard a little, flying ball. Any parks offer tennis courts free to the public. An outdoor court will give you the benefit f sunshine and fresh air.

A two or three week vacation, away from your regular exercise routine will not hurt you. Maintain good eating habits, don’t imbibe too much alcohol, find a way to do some aerobic activities every day and use whatever equipment you brought with you and you will return home, relaxed and refreshed and at the same weight and with the same amount of strength that you possessed when you started out on the trip.

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