Unlocking The Four “T”s That Make A Great Answering Service

An answering service is an inevitable aspect of managing a medical practice. With a range of agencies offering this service on the market, it pays to know that you’re working with the best company in the market. This should have good rates and deliver what they promise. A great answering service should have knowledgeable customer support to give you good value for money.

Here’s a catch

To realize the cost savings and customer support benefits of outsourcing answering services requires due diligence. You need a reliable live answering service to enhance your customer experience. The trick this requires finding a company that understands the essential four “T” s in the industry. Read on to understand these aspects to a great answering service.


With technology evolving all the time, a reliable answering service should evolve as well to keep up with the tech-savvy customer trends. So, ensure to select an answering service with up to date technology. you might not need to use the advanced features now but your business might require them down the line. The answering service should have technology on par with aspects like:

  • PCI compliance for secure payment processing
  • Seamless on-call scheduling for dispatch purposes
  • Appointment scheduling to make task management easier
  • Online portal for customer user convenience when checking messages
  • HIPAA compliance to guarantee the safety of patient’ private health information


Apart from technology, the doctors answering service cost should include transparency. You have to be aware of the call duration and charges a good idea is to opt for answering service charging a flat monthly rate. Transparency should include offering details about billing history to measure returns on investment. This can also be through using on-demand reports customized to your needs. A transparent answering service should also accept feedback from customers and listening to patient interaction on the phone.

Tailor-made services

You need an answering service offering whose services are tailored to meet your business needs. Every medical practice has different needs. therefore, works to work with an agency that understands the benefits of catering to the particular needs of customers. This ensures that scheduling appointments and dispatching for emergencies becomes easier in your practice. An answering service offering customized service is the best way to ensure that you get good returns on your investment.

Trial period

It’s very important to work with an answering agency that offers a free trial of their services before putting pen to paper. During the trial period, you have the freedom to test their service before making any commitments. It also allows getting a feel of what your customers will experience. During the trial period, getting to know their customer service team allows discovering the ins and outs of what to expect from the agency before taking the plunge.

Final thought

The nature of your answering service can make or break the success of your medical practice. The right agency should have an understanding of the famous four “T” of medical answering including appropriate technology, transparency, offering tailor-made services, and a free trial period. An answering service meeting that meets the criteria will significantly contribute to the success of your medical practice.

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