U.S. Wellness Trip: 9 Resorts and Spas You Can Visit Today

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Wellness resorts and spas became a more popular travel trend, and it’s quite obvious to see why. With the coming holidays’ permits you can to visit exciting places, and new adventures. We are at this present day and age where healthy travel is being promoted from fitness camps, meditation and yoga retreats, digital detoxes. Moreover, the alternatives are apparently endless.

In this post, we will cover some wellness hotspots that will truly inspire you to go places for your next United States getaway:

1.  Miraval Austin Resort & Spa, Texas

Located in Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, the Miraval Austin Resort and Spa in Texas is a 220-acre property that is overlooking the spectacularly lovely Lake Travis.

The facility also offers a tailored “Live in Balance” experience that is totally different from the normal surf retreat by integrating imagination, mindfulness, and leaving comfort zones for personal growth.

The guests have the choice to take a private retreat or select “immersions” that teaches everything from literature to gratitude. It additionally features a restaurant, spas, wellness workshops, and a teaching kitchen, that uses all harvested ingredients.

2.  Lapis at the Fontainebleau, Miami Beach Florida

Coined as the “most beautiful spa in the United States of America ” by Martha Stewart. This is considered as one of the high-end spas in the United States that offers guests the ultimate spa retreat.

This two-level spa facility offers a panoramic view of the ocean and it also has heated hammam benches with 30 private treatment rooms. You can definitely take a detox in the eucalyptus-infused steam, and feel refreshed as you get into the Bleau rain room after your treatments. You can check out the comprehensive guide of the best Spas in Florida for more information.

3.  Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa, Arizona

Located at the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spathe Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa, you can find the Satori Wellness where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life for a while. Satori means a word of enlightenment, in Japanese, and this reflects on the facility’s Asian-inspired style and philosophy.

Overall, it’s a superb meditation retreat where you’ll be able to unplug from the rest of the world and the hustle and bustle of life, and try meditation and mindfulness practices. It’s also an excellent place to experience luxury and pampering with the scenery of the gorgeous Camelback Mountain.

4.  Red Mountain Resort, Utah

You can go visit Utah’s Red Mountain Resort if you are a nature lover wanting to get in top shape while rejuvenating your mind. This facility offers a completely different health and wellness experiences. Aside from that, it also has adventure retreats, outdoor activities, relaxation activities, cozy accommodations, and healthy meals.

You can also explore lots of outdoor destinations while you are within the area, like Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park.

5.  Hotel Joaquin, Laguna Beach, California

An “Adventure Director” typically reaches out to every guest within the property, to assist them to organize their itineraries from water sports to yoga and meditation. There also are organized wellness retreats throughout the year.

You can also try the facility’s “Yoga in the Garden,” go snorkel diving at the beach or hike “The top of the World” in Laguna. Guests are usually taken to the location via the hotel’s restored Land Rover and are rewarded with gorgeous panoramic views.

Travelers usually cap the day by enjoying a delicious meal at the facility’s restaurant where it sources local produce. Visitors could also try the top chef’s specialty – the “Rawnola” with blue Majik almond milk, blueberries, walnuts, honey, coco yogurt, and real baby coconut.

6.  Eaton DC,  Washington DC

The Easton DC is a 209-room hotel opened way back in Gregorian calendar month 2018 and is supposed to be a hub for creative collaboration and mindfulness. From the hotel, there is a neighboring “Wellness Center” that features a yoga area and meditation studio that is inspired by Zen Buddhist temples.

The facility has everything from wellness retreats, reiki sessions, yoga flow classes, to additional intense emotional healing workshops to foster different types of healing.

Visitors can experience the Sound bath ceremonies that are held each 1st Sunday of the month. Participants usually lie down on the ground and experience the different tones and frequencies of instruments that wash over them. This helps shift one’s brain waves from being awake to a more relaxed state of consciousness.

Most of these stunning wellness retreats are found in the United States – from popular wellness facilities to more under-the-radar oases. Whether you would like to find out a particular posture in a yoga retreat or finding your balance in a meditation retreat, the choices are apparently endless. So be sure that you’ll explore these top wellness spots in the United States.

7.  New Life Hiking Spa, Vermont

The New Life Hiking Spa facility is known to be one among the oldest, and most recognized spa establishments in the country. Its weight-loss retreats are the most well-liked. It also features hiking programs that are excellent for all fitness levels, outdoor programs, yoga, and a nutrition program.

This also adopts a more holistic view of health and wellness, which makes it one of the most sought-after out facilities in the United States. Nestled within the picturesque mountains of Vermont, the resort provides an excellent escape for an extensive wellness retreat.

8.  Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa, Sta. Fe, California

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa offers its guests unique themed retreats that last from three to seven nights throughout the year. Stress and Balance, Movement and Fitness, and Sleep and Respite are samples of these retreats.

The programs prefer to address every aspect of your wellness, and every retreat includes fitness lessons, workshops, personal coaches, and more.

9.  The Art of Living Retreat Center, North Carolina

This Art of Living Retreat Center has attained its reputation to be one of the best wellness resorts in the country.

The center offers everything from wellness and meditation that is set in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. It additionally teaches guests to completely experience the present, turn it into a source of happiness, and different stress management practices.

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