Trimming a Boy’s Bangs and Removing Excess Weight


There are some good reasons to cut your young son’s hair yourself. The most obvious is that it saves money. However, another equally important reason is that if your child is afraid of going to a salon, you can avoid all of the drama by cutting his hair at home.

Home haircuts can be just as polished as one your child gets at the salon if you have the right tools and products. Kenneth Darrell, a master hair stylist who is known as “The Hair Guy,” is providing TH readers with his recommendations.

Kenneth, who has over 20 years experience as a stylist, is currently developing a combination reality/talk show. It will feature “how to” segments and recap his on-the-road adventures as he sets out to solve in-person hair dilemmas across the nation. His audience will get the benefit of the best-kept secrets to do-it-yourself hairstyling. Along with the show will be a companion website featuring a Kenneth Darrell blog, question and answer sessions with viewers, show clips, and style and merchandise tips.

When it comes to over-the-counter tools and products, Kenneth said, “You can’t go wrong with Sally Beauty. They provide higher quality product[s] at drug store prices. There you can find tools sufficient for any “kitchen beautician,” and they usually carry everything from brushes to blow dryers. I find the staff is very helpful as well.”

Sally Beauty currently operates about 2,700 retail outlets worldwide. In addition to the large selection of professional products for hair, skin, and nails, the company also offers non-professional customer membership in the Beauty Club Card program that entitles them to a discount on all store items, and a monthly email newsletter with beauty tips, new product information, and coupons.

Whether you go in person or shop online, here’s what Kenneth suggests to set up your home beauty salon:

  • Wahl clippers — You can purchase a good entry-level clipper for $49.
  • Arius Eickert shears — These start at about $25 for a good home-use pair.
  • Ion shampoo and Ion styling gel — These products will cost you $6 for the shampoo and $5 for the gel.

Now for Junior’s hair cut. Remember: little guys, like big guys, have a very short attention span, so you must move quickly. Follow these basic rules:

  • Drape a cloth over your child, and give him the remote control. Little guys, like big guys, become immobilized when holding it, and that’s just what you want. It’s hard to scissor cut a moving target!
  • Dampen the hair. Damp, not wet hair, is much easier to control when working with scissors and combs. Oh, and hide the squirt bottle. The temptation for him to squirt you with it can be overwhelming. Yes, that goes for big boys, too.
  • Unless you’re a pro, stick to the basics. Most people can trim a little off the top or shorten up the back, which can extend the time between professional trim ups. Don’t try any of those fancy techniques you were watching your stylist do. It may look like fun, but that’s best left to the pros. And lastly, remember to tell the little guy how handsome he is when you’re done. He’ll be looking to you for your reaction of approval.

Your little boy’s hair can look neat even when you can’t get to the salon with the right tools and a little practice. So don’t be afraid to try your hand at cutting his hair. Just remember to keep him occupied so you can take your time, and have it turn out right.

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