Tricks for Covering Hair Loss

Most of us are going to reach a point in our lives when we look in the mirror and can see just a little bit more of our scalp than we would like. Hair loss is just a fact of life that has come for many people already and is probably coming for you.

It might not be happening now and it might not happen tomorrow, but statistically, 65% of men in America will be losing their hair by the time they hit the age of 60 and a huge chunk of women will actually have to deal with this too.

And while the percentage does jump when you get to old age, it’s most definitely not exclusively older people who are going to lose their hair. Some people are affected as early as their 20’s and there’s even cases of it happening before that.

It’s unfortunate and despite how widespread of a problem it is, hair loss still tends to cause a bit of a blow to people’s self-esteem. Especially if it happens to them when they’re still young and not otherwise affected by the wear and tear of aging.

While there are some things you can do to try and stop it or slow it down, there isn’t a concrete way to actually stop your hair from disappearing just yet. If you’re not ready to succumb to it, what you can do is try to cover it up.

So let’s look at a few tricks, and the first of which I’ll discuss is one of those aforementioned ways that you can try to slow it down:

Scalp Stimulation

While we had hoped by 2020 we’d have some really fancy new drugs or technology that could actually completely stop hair loss in its tracks, that just hasn’t happened. And maybe it never will, it could very well be impossible.

There are things like hair plugs and transplants but they’re pretty expensive and they don’t really solve the problem as much as it might be suggested that they do. So really, if you want to try something, it’s going to have to be one of the methods that’s been around for a long time.

A common assumption is that hair loss happens as a result of a lack of oxygen finding its way to your hair follicles, which prevents them from being able to do their job effectively. And this is caused by reduced blood flow.

So one reliable solution is to take measures that will increase this blood flow and there are various methods for this, most of which involve some form of scalp stimulation. Check out this list from HairGuard which covers a lot of them.

Generally scalp massaging with your own fingers will make some progress and it also gives you the added bonus of some relief from stress and tension. You could also use a metal or rubber scalp massager.

There’s also the dermaroller, which is a mechanical stimulation that does a certain amount of minor damage to the skin of your scalp which will then trigger more growth. The same process that happens to your muscles when you exercise.

Thickening Products 

And if these valiant attempts to fight off your hair loss don’t work, then you can look into covering methods. One of which has been recommended for a long time is using specific types of shampoo or hair care products.

There are some that are specifically designed for this purpose. What you need is something that is going to inject your hair with a bit of volume to give it the appearance of enhanced thickness and fullness.

There are actually a number of ingredients which are commonly included in these products that you should be on the lookout for when you are picking out the products that are going to help you out here.

Things like vitamin B, biotin and collagen are all nutrients that contribute to healthy hair so having an extra dose of some of those is always going to be useful. Some products also seek hair treatments from unexpected sources.

Japanese nori extract and sea algae are two potential sources of volume which have been used around the world already to some pleasing results so see if you can find products that have these mixed through.

Extensions Or Wigs

These are really popular among women that struggle with covering thinning hair or patches of hair loss. If you chose this method, make sure to add the extensions on the top of the head so that it blends better and looks more natural.

For people with extensive hair loss, wigs are a better alternative. The downside to wigs is that it overheats your scalp during the summer so make sure you get a wig with a base that lets your scalp breathe.

If you don’t feel like a wig is the right trick for you, there are plenty of ways to cover yourself such as a hat or a scarf.

Add Color

When dyeing your hair, you could pick a darker color to apply to your scalp. This will create a mask and will give an illusion of fuller and thicker hair where the hair loss is more accentuated.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t really worry all that much about losing your hair. It happens to a lot of people and the thing about it is that people are more concerned about their own hair then they are yours.

But if it is having a negative effect on your confidence, there are plenty of things you can try and as you can see, there are some basically foolproof options.

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