Treatment Options for Unappealing Veins

Spider Veins

The appearance of unsightly veins on the skin is unattractive and can lower a patient’s self-confidence. However, there are specific venous treatments that eliminate these veins. Vascular Vein Centers is a leading provider of cosmetic vein treatment in Lake Mary. Some of the treatments offered at the center include:

  1.     Foam sclerotherapy using Varithena

This cosmetic treatment involves the use of injections to improve the appearance of spider and varicose veins. The injections consist of a sclerosing solution, which your physician will direct into the unsightly veins, making them shrink and disappear.

During the procedure, your physician will inject the solution into your varicose or spider veins using a thin needle. Most patients report having a cramping sensation during injection to more prominent varicose veins.

After the procedure, your doctor will advise you to wear support hosiery that compresses and treats the affected blood vessels.

Sclerotherapy procedure usually lasts about 45 minutes and is an outpatient treatment.

  1.     Endovenous laser therapy

This minimally invasive procedure is a comfortable and safe option for patients seeking treatment of chronic venous insufficiency– a disease that causes pain, swelling, fatigue, heaviness, and cramping in the lower extremities. Venous insufficiency is mainly a result of incompetence in the saphenofemoral and great saphenous vein.

Although surgical ligation provides relief, there is a higher risk of recurrence when your physician applies surgical intervention. Endovenous ablation offers faster recovery and less postoperative pain because of its simplicity.

The procedure works by introducing collagen and denaturing the endothelium through a laser fiber that delivers heat onto blood vessels. Endovenous laser therapy provides dramatic relief from the symptoms of venous insufficiency. After about six months, patients will begin to notice drastic improvement.

  1.     VenaSeal medical adhesive

The VenaSeal Closure Procedure is a cosmetic treatment of varicose veins. Deeper veins of the legs may malfunction and become incompetent, causing superficial veins to dilate. Back-pressure then begins to build up because of the incompetency, resulting in the appearance of twisted and bulging veins through the skin of your legs.

The use of VenaSeal medical adhesive requires ultrasound guidance due to the complexity of the procedure. Furthermore, your physician will apply pressure on the target area to close the damaged vein and minimize blood supply in the affected area. The process usually lasts for about an hour, but you will spend about four to six hours at the center because the post-surgery protocol is necessary.

During the first few days after treatment, you will experience mild pain in the treated area. However, the pain will only last a few days. Your physician may recommend that you do light physical exercise like walking to speed up recovery. Still, if the pain limits your movement, he or she may prescribe pain-relieving medications like Panadol or Nurofen.

Allergic reactions are a common side effect of the procedure, and some patients report experiencing inflammation and itching over the treated veins. Your doctor may prescribe antihistamines or steroids to help relieve postoperative itching.

The cosmetic treatment that your doctor uses will depend on your symptoms and the severity of your disease. Contact Vascular Veins Center to determine what cosmetic treatment options are available and which ones can eliminate your unsightly veins.

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