Trampolines – Perfect for Health by Training Many Muscles of the Body


There are many methods of keeping fit and healthy, whether it’s jogging, yoga, belly dancing or the next new thing. They all have their different merits: jogging is good for developing stamina, yoga for flexibility and so on. However, when wanting an effective form of exercise for general fitness and health, it’s better to opt for a good all-round work-out.

One such all-round exercise you could choose is trampolining.

Low Impact

When exercising regularly, you can do gradual damage to your body over time if you’re constantly engaging in high-impact exercise. For example, exercise that involves a lot of jumping and landing on hard surfaces can eventually do long-term damage to your knees.

Trampolining is a very low-impact sport and a very gentle means of exercising. This seems somewhat surprising as it is essentially a lot of jumping up and down, but due to the elasticity of the trampoline, most of the impact on landing is absorbed and negated with each bounce.


After a session of trampolining, when you step off, you’ll probably be a lot sweatier than when you got on. This is because trampolining really does give you a good work out and is an effective form of cardiovascular exercise.

The constant jumping motion of trampolining requires the heart to pump blood more fervently, and only 10 to 20 minutes on a trampoline equates to roughly half an hour or more of other standard aerobic exercises. It’s a brilliant work out and is perfect for developing stamina.

Core Muscles

Trampolining is brilliant for developing core muscles. Your abdominal muscles in your stomach and chest are developed due to the repetitive flexing and releasing of your abdominal muscles every time you spring up and down on a trampoline. If used well, a trampoline can be just as effective at shaping abdominal muscles as standard sit ups or crunches.

Legs, Thighs, Buttocks

Repeated jumping acts as a thorough work out for your lower half, especially your legs, thighs and buttocks. Trampolining can work up muscle strength and definition, and all this is done in a low-impact manner, exercising your body in the least damaging manner.

All Over Exercise

As is apparent, core, leg, thigh and buttock muscles all receive a good workout from trampolining. Not only this, but trampolining requires the use of many different muscles all around the body and acts as a great overall workout. For example, the arms can be exercised in the swinging motion that accompanies jumping up and down; bouncing on a trampoline trains the whole body, not just one part of it.



Trampolining not only provides a brilliant means of training muscles, but it is also an enjoyable one. Some other more traditional forms of exercise can really become something of a chore, whereas trampolining is fun and enjoyable. Ten minutes on a trampoline can give you all the same benefits of a 1.7km run, and 10 minutes on a trampoline will probably be the much more fun option.


It’s possible to take the benefits from trampolining and enhance them even further if you really want to make the most of your exercise. If you go trampoline while holding weights, you increase the health benefits you gain and you exercise more effectively. It is not really practical or always safe to bounce with weights in your hands, so it is advisable to bounce with ankle weights or other attachable weights.


A trampoline is a great means of training the body and maintaining a good level of personal fitness and health, and all this achieved in a fun manner.

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