Trampoline and My Kids

When my three kids were younger, amber, Brittany and David, they were around four, five and six (yes I had three kids in three years, what was I thinking) I was considering a healthy active activity for them and me, to do each day together and to get fit and active.

I wanted something for our backyard so that the kids would want to go outside and play, I wasn’t sure what we were going to get so we researched many different items that can go in a backyard for children to play on. I researched for months, with lots of different activities but the one activity that caught my eye was the oversized trampoline.

The kind of trampoline that was so big that five people could get on it at the same time and still have room to jump around. After lots of research and thought Me and my husband went out and bought a huge round trampoline for my backyard that had a safety net (the safety net was high around five feet high) around it so that the kids couldn’t fall out of the mesh black netting, this safety feature was the number one reason why I personally felt safer buying thismodel.

It was easy to put together, me, my husband and a friend put it together in about an hour. I was too afraid to by a trampoline when they first came out on the market and they had no netting, especially when I heard about children falling head first onto the ground after falling off a trampoline with no netting enclosure.

My children never had any accidents on our trampoline and I would recommend trampolines with enclosures to any parents who want to get their kids off the couch, off the video games and get them outdoors getting exercise on a trampoline. But on a happier note, me my husband and three kids had a great experience with our huge trampoline that we put in our backyard.

I can’t tell you the immense joy fun and laughter that trampoline brought to my family. My kids had many friends come over to enjoy all the fun of jumping around. I was happy to see my kids outside in the fresh air doing something healthy and invigorating for their mind and body getting lots of exercise.

My kids had made up a fun game on their trampoline that all their friends could play it was called who could jump into the air the highest, if I remember correctly my Brittany was the highest jumper. The joy and laughter coming from all the kids when they were on that trampoline was incredible.

A trampoline has a positive feature that it is for boys and girls, both sexes can use a trampoline and there is no age barrier either, people of all ages can enjoy the healthy benefits from using a trampoline. This purchase made a huge positive impact on our lives and I am so thankful to look back now on the fun memories we had as a family enjoying many a sunny day on our trampoline.

(My kids are in college now)When we moved from our last residence we could not move this big trampoline so we offered it to our neighbors who had two little girls and if you could have seen the incredible smiles on the two little girls faces when we walked over, next door, all of us carrying this big trampoline to give it to them, I almost started crying because it brought great joy to the two little girls faces. Just knowing that the trampoline was going to children that would appreciate using it meant a lot to me and my kids.

Many of our youth today are wasting away sitting indoors watching tv or playing video games. Trampoline’s can provide many different benefits to different people like it can provide exercise, strength training in the legs, easier back flips for kids who enjoy gymnastics, balance time for toddlers to help with balance, fun time get together with friends, exercise for older adults, birthday party attractions for the little ones and much more.

Trampolines are a great item to have in your yard when throwing a birthday party, it keeps kids busy having fun for hours. Kids don’t even know that they are exercising (only the adults know the positive benefits from having a trampoline).

We had our trusty trampoline for at least eight wonderful years, the material trampolines are made of is rugged, strong and sturdy and can last through all kinds of weather, our trampoline lasted through our unpredictable brutal, cold, Icey, blisterysnowy Connecticut weather. We have a long-standing joke in Connecticut that every time you turn around the weather changes.

We also purchased a blow-up kiddie pool that our three kids enjoyed but could only enjoy in warmer months, that’s where that handy dandy trampoline came in handy in the months when the kids could not go into the pool.

Some days were so funny for me to watch out my back window into my backyard to watch my three energetic kids going from the pool to that gigantic trampoline all day long in the summer when school was out. I can tell you one incredible positive thing about having a trampoline that

I can attest with my very own two brown eyes is that at the end of a long day spent in my backyard my kids would fall right to sleep at night from a great day spent outside in the crisp fresh air playing in their pool and trampoline. I have fond photographs of us on our trampoline, we look back on those pictures with fond memories of fun we had together as a family on our trampoline.

As a family, we also go hiking and walking in our state parks here in Connecticut. As a parent of three any item you purchase that gets your kids active and fit is a great buy that has long lasting healthy benefits for all to reap from.

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