Tracking the Attack of Asthma

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One of the key responsibilities of a civilized government is to provide proper and efficient health care facilities to its general population, and by and large, all modern day governments fall in with this basic idea of governance. But there are some possible impediments in front of all governments regarding relevant data collection. In these cases, they have to rely on the reported ones, and won’t be possible to control or contain the overall spread or growth of such diseases. Dearth of data will be a real snag for taking preventive steps. Asthma is one of such cases, where there won’t be any kind of proper records with the health authorities of the concerned countries. Louisville municipal authorities have come out with a special way to track this disease in a systematic way.


Asthma is one of the severe and highly dangerous aliments that make even otherwise healthy people feeble, and crumble down yearning for a noseful of breathe; the condition of an asthma patient is highly pathetic, and at the same time critical also, in all aspects. As per a general calculation, more or less 25 million Americans suffer heavily because of the dragon-clutches of this illness. This is indeed an approximate reading, because precise details will not be available, as this is a personal kind of ailment, and in almost all of the cases, the patient himself or herself consumes or sprays the prescribed medicines. Only when the primary medications, which they consume, does not yield proper results, these patients will rush out for taking refuge in one of the emergency care rooms of a nearby hospital. Hence gathering the data of asthma patients is indeed complex and by all means, a nerve-racking task. Now things are slowly getting changed in some parts of America, and bound to jump to other parts also, as far as the subject of recording of the asthma cases is concerned.

In the nearby areas of California and Washington a new technological expertise was put into test recently. Specially created ‘rescue inhalers’ were provided to the asthma patients; the process of monitoring gets started, whenever they use the inhaler. The data is conveyed to a safe server first, and then into the mobile phone of the user, which is linked to the doctor’s web control panel. This data will detail where the device is used, how it is used and when it is used, and automatically will be archived for upcoming uses. This functionality is brought into effect by placing small sensors on the top of the ‘rescue inhaler’, and this sensor will transmit the news to the mobile and to the doctor’s system by wireless method.

Asthmapolis is officially accepted by United States Food and Drug Administration. This is in accordance with the new policy of the government on the subject of reliable ways of maintaining the medical records of its population. It should also be added here that the man who was instrumental in bringing out this creation was David Van Sickle, who is the co-founder of the device. The sponsor of the project is Louisville municipal authorities. It was the lack of proper records of asthma patients in the country that prompted David Van Sickle to create such an innovative gadget.

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