Total Weight is Not Everything

As a rule, we only consider our total weight. In reality, it is possible to become thinner without losing a single kilo! Take, for instance, an individual who wants to lose some weight who weight 67 kilos, of which 35% is fat. This person decides to eat better, to start taking supplements that accompany losing weight and to start exercising moderately three times a week. In all probability, after a few months, this person still weight 67 kilos, but the percentage of fat has descended to 25%, which means that the muscle mass has increased 10%. In a case such as this, one can truthfully say that this person has become thinner without losing a single kilo!

For a person who suffers from being too thin and who wants to put on some weight, it is preferable to take a slightly different outlook. It would be beneficial for a too-thin person to add a bit of fat even if the principal weight gain should mainly depend on an increase in the muscle mass. Effectively, too many thin people want to gain weight without thinking of their muscle mass.

Take the case of a thin person weighting 55 kilos of which 7% is fat. This person improves the quantity and the quality of his/her diet, takes the supplements that produce a better assimilation and starts exercising, lifting weights three times a week to build muscle strength. In all probability, after several months this person would have gained some weight. If the total weight has risen to 60 kilos and the percentage of body fat has risen to 10%, then this person will be in an ideal situation: a little more fat and especially a lot more muscle mass.

There are many factors that determine the healthy weight for each individual. This makes it difficult to establish tables for determining a healthy weight. For example, a higher weight is acceptable for people over 35 years old with a strong bone structure and developed musculature. Once more, the ideal body weight must be one that slows us to enjoy the best possible state of health and physical performance.

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