Top Tips to Avoid And Relieve Shoulder Pain


Shoulder pain, which is often accompanied by back and/or neck pain, is common among many computer users. It is therefore important to know how to manage this pain when it arises by changing a few things around the way you work.

Posture is the biggest factor behind shoulder/back pain, especially so if you tend to slouch or bend awkwardly at your desk. Poor posture can cause discomfort and lead to all kinds of pain from the neck to the back. It is therefore vital that you ensure you sit straight and that your desk items are easily reachable.

Most top tips for preventing shoulder pain when sat at your desk mention that your head needs to be upright with the shoulders back. If working on a computer more so, the arms need to be at your side so that the wrists are straight.

It is appropriate to take breaks regularly, so that the shoulders and neck can relax before continuing. Walking around is also very essential in alleviating shoulder pain and therefore you should ensure you find something to do away from your desk. You can also carry out some simple exercises at your desk.

It is important to be cautious of your work space so that you ensure it is convenient for you. You should adjust your chair so that it gives you correct posture (ergonomic chairs are best). The chair should be such that your feet are on the ground and your arm rest should allow for free arm movement while typing. Your back should also be well supported. The keyboard needs to be positioned in front of you, preventing muscle tension in the arms.

It is good to know that if you are experiencing shoulder pain, a great way to ease pain is to apply heat. Applying heat two to three times a day can help the muscles relax and if necessary you may alternate the heat with an ice pack to reduce swelling. You should perform these procedures immediately once you experience pains so that there is less swelling. If the pain persists seek medical attention from your Healthcare Practitioner.

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