Top Tips For Custom Packaging Services


When it comes to the packaging industry, it faces an entirely unique set of challenges. Whether your company is strictly oriented towards packaging gifts for special occasions, fragile merchandise for long-distance transport, or anything else really, coming up with unique solutions to meet your clients’ needs can sometimes be an uphill battle.

According to custom packaging services experts, though, there are a few staple hacks that are bound to get your business soaring. We compiled them into this handy guide just for you! These are especially important to anyone who deals in e-commerce, since they can really make or break your brand presence. First impressions are crucial, after all! So how can you make a good one?

Take the risk with personalization

This is a pretty scary step, so let’s face it head on. Get personal with the people who will be unboxing the product! Forget about the fear of getting it wrong because they are strangers at the end of the day. The truth is, most customers will not be offended one bit if your packaging is not a perfect match to their style!

The reason for this is pretty simple: your end buyers, and just customers in general, are real people after all. They want to know that the person behind the product they bought is also a real live human being. The best way to show them this, especially if your business is based online with no actual provider-to-customer contact, is by investing a little extra effort and making them feel special on an individual level.

Consider the type of items that you will be providing packaging for, and then utilize a complementing way to customize it. Even something like a totally pragmatic insert can go a long way, which you can read more about in this useful article. For example, you can include a brief handwritten greeting note with each package. You can even directly sign your service with a phrase like “This gift was packed by [company name] for your special occasion!” or something along those lines.

You could even have the product provider inquire about a buyer’s tastes in a short questionnaire included with the online order form, e.g. “Our packaging comes in xy elegant styles. Pick your own favorite!” or “Smart – Sexy – Spunky – Pick your style and we’ll pack it up to perfection!”. That could give you some ideas on how to pack for specific individuals, and then you can just adapt a template.

Keep them on their toes

Finally, remember to always keep an element of surprise to your packaging solutions. People like a jolt of excitement every now and then. The best way to achieve that would be with a little freebie hidden inside, or a giveaway they did not compete for.

Just try to make it fit the brand and product – random stickers are the worst way to go. For example, eco-friendly brands might include a satchel of lavender; or a cruelty-free leather accessory. If you are having a hard time coming up with a good idea, simply include a discount on a future purchase. Works like a charm!


Try to tell your story with it

This is right in line with the above point of making end customers know that there is a person behind the package. Use the chance to tell people the tale of your brand! You can share the story of your origin on a postcard, or make a point of the order in which each item in a package would be unwrapped or taken out of its box.

A big aspect of this idea is finding a way to make customers want to share their own stories (hopefully great ones about how much they loved the brand). The easies way to do this is to slip in your social media handles, hashtags, and the like. Remember, more so than a pretty package, you are selling an experience, so giving people a platform where they can share that experience with the world is a huge advantage to you. There is even a surprisingly academic approach to this idea, and you can see an example of that at this link:


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