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Dental health problems, including cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, affects many individuals, many of them being children. They affect your general health and even the quality of your smile. Good oral hygiene habits and regular dental check-ups can prevent severe conditions and help maintain dental health. Dental issues such as missing teeth and cracked or brown/ yellow stained teeth demeans your smile and negatively impact your life. With quality dental care and treatments, you can achieve your smile and enjoy your dental health. Ueno Center Dental Specialists is committed to offering top standard dental care services. Dr. Jeremy K. Ueno, DMD, a board-certified periodontist, is the founder and owner of the practice.

Located in Campbell, California, the Bay Area facility believes in providing the best dental services through conservative, advanced, and effective treatments. their modern offices provide their patients with a relaxing, patient-friendly, and comfortable environment while receiving their services. Their whole team has excellent qualifications, with some of their doctors having trained from the most top dental programs. The patients have full confidence in them and are assured of the best results. They value and respect their patients providing excellent services that exceed their expectations.

Ueno Center Dental Specialists team, have high levels of expertise that allows them to perform the latest and advanced technology treatments. They include laser gum surgery, gum grafting through Pinhole technique, periodontal surgery through laser-assisted new attachment procedure, Teeth-in-a-Day, and same dental implants. These treatments are beneficial, take a shorter time, heal faster, and have less discomfort. They offer enough time for a consultation where patients explain their needs, ask questions about their dental health, and participate in developing effective customized treatments to meet their unique needs. The whole staff is friendly and caring and offering compassionate care and treating them as part of the family.

They offer services such as:


Dental treatment experience can be painful and stressful for many people. The Ueno Center Dental Specialist team understands that and offers various forms of sedation to give you a comfortable and relaxed experience while receiving your treatment. Visit them today for a dentist experience with a difference.

Deep cleaning

Dental deep cleaning involves a thorough cleaning procedure to remove any dirt between your gum and teeth for bacteria elimination and gums reattachment without surgery. Call them today, or book an appointment online to schedule your in-depth cleaning meeting.

Tooth replacement

Missing teeth affect your oral health and your smile’s quality that may lower your confidence affecting your life quality. Ueno Center Dental Specialists provides comprehensive tooth replacement procedures, including implants and dentures. Visit them today to learn more about your tooth replacement options.

Dental health affects your overall health. Ueno Center Dental Specialists offers useful and top-notch dental services to improve your dental health and restore your smile. The team of highly skilled professionals believes in offering the best dental care through compassionate, convenient, and cutting-edge treatments. Located in Campbell, California, they excel in providing excellent dental care to patients in the surrounding areas. Their top-rated team is caring and warm towards their patients, offering exceptional services. They are welcoming to new and existing patients. Visit them today for dental care services that guarantee you the best results.

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