Top Instagram Fitness Gurus you Should Follow in 2018


People you surround yourself with can easily make you better through inspiration and encouragement. With the current state of the economy, it is difficult to get time to work, be with family, and consult a nutritionist or a gym specialist. Since keeping fit is healthy, most people have turned to social media to get fitness guidelines. This is good since it can be accessed from anywhere, whether at home or in the office. Instagram is one social media platform that people easily get fitness help. However, this becomes easy when you follow the right fitness specialist. The following are top Instagram gurus in 2018 and how following them benefits you.

Kaisa Keranen / @kaisafit

She is a personal trainer dedicated to helping people maintain a physically fit body. She posts clips regularly on how to do different types of exercises both at home and in the gym. She always reminds people that you have only one body that cannot be replaced, therefore, you should take care of it.

Edie Hall @eddiehallsm

He has succeeded in muscle building hence being termed as the world’s strongest man. If you are struggling with weightlifting, you need to follow and learn from him. He posts daily on how to build up muscles and strength naturally, through working out, and not taking steroids.

Sjana Elise Earp @sjanelise

She demonstrates how to do yoga and at the same time have fun. She posts yoga poses and clips in beautiful beaches. Yoga benefits both the mind and the body. If you want to learn how to relax mentally and physically, then yoga is the way to go.

Kenneth Gallarzo / @progressive-calisthenics

He is a fitness coach who is dedicated to his Instagram account that portrays the practice of using slow and controlled gymnastic moves. This movement increases the body strength and fitness. It is commonly known as calisthenics.

Massy Arias / @massy.arias

She is a certified personal trainer who helps her followers lead an active and healthy lifestyle. She has used fitness to overcome depression, hence positively changing her life. Therefore, she motivates other people to take care of their mind and body.

How to Benefit from Following Instagram Fitness Gurus

Following Instagram, fitness gurus has numerous benefits. You get to access fitness guidelines and programs cheaply without having to pay a specialist. Moreover, you learn from a specialist who has already succeeded in maintaining a well-fit body. It is easy to get fitness inspiration from Instagram since it is easily accessible from home or in the office. Income Artist has shared some cool tips on how to get famous with minimal effort. You may check that as well.

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In conclusion, there are a number of top Instagram fitness gurus, who post often on how to maintain a fit body. Some of them like Massy Arias overcame depression through yoga. This gives an inspiration to those struggling with mental instability that, exercise can help your mind be stable. Moreover, Instagram is easily accessible. Fitness conscious people do not have to struggle in hiring specialist. They can just follow fitness gurus for daily updates and tutorials on how to lead a healthy life.

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