Top Foods To Prevent Hair Loss

hair loss

As soon as we begin to notice signs of hair loss, we tend to start looking up ways in which to combat the problem before it escalates further. Whether you opt for the best FUE hair transplant Turkey has to offer or you decide to change certain elements of your diet, there is a variety of choice in terms of price and technique when it comes to combatting hair loss. We have compiled a list of the top foods to help prevent the condition, so you try natural remedies before opting for more invasive solutions.


When looking to prevent hair loss and keeping your hair as healthy looking as possible, eggs are a perfect solution. The high-quality protein within eggs helps to improve the look of your hair as well as promote its growth. This is vital when combatting the signs of hair loss as this is a simple addition to your diet that can have substantial positive effects. Whether you decide to scramble them or have them sunny side up on your toast, the nutritional value is just as beneficial.


As children, you were probably told that carrots help you to see in the dark, but do you also know that they help to prevent the signs of hair loss? Packed full of the vital nutrients that you need, the little orange carrot can help you combat hair loss and make your hair appear healthy. By implementing these into your diet either raw, cooked or as a juice, you will be a step closer to overcoming hair loss.


Salmon is not only a tasty way of helping to boost concentration, but the omega 3 contained within the fish is another efficient way of combatting loss of hair. It helps to carry the blood around the body efficiently and stimulate the growth of cells. This, therefore, means that hair will appear thicker, with fewer breakages. Salmon can easily be placed in a meal plan to help promote overall health as well as prevent damage to the hair which could lead to additional hair loss if not cared for.

Sweet Potatoes

A staple in most people’s diet, the sweet potato also has benefits to the overall health of your body as well as your hair. Whether you decide to fry them to create a crispy outer layer or replace the trusty roast potato with this healthy alternative, there are plenty of ways that you can incorporate this hair-saving superfood into your everyday diet.


Another way to combat hair loss is through consuming plenty of protein and one of the main sources of this is meat. Whether you opt for chicken, pork or beef, there is a large amount of protein in these meats that help to ensure that you have the right intake of this food group. For those that are vegan or vegetarian, there are also a number of alternatives that can act as your source of protein, some of these being tofu or nuts. These can be added as a snack or in your main meal to help you gain the nutrients that you need for your body and hair.

With there being a number of different food types that you can add to your diet to help improve the health of your hair, the possibilities for a variety of flavours and delicious meals that are good for your health and hair are endless.

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