Top Effective Non-Surgical Back Pain Remedies for You

back pain

Back pain can occur as a result of several causes. As a resident of Jersey City, back pain is a manageable condition. Irrespective of the nature of your back pain resulting from a disease or injury, you can achieve a pain-free life.

Back pain can inhibit you from going about activities you enjoy most. The treatment gives you the ability to reclaim the freedom in having a pain relief treatment custom made for you.

Surgery is typically a last resort for back pain that is resistant to other forms of treatment. There are several non-surgical techniques your physician can integrate into your treatment, as described below.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

In spinal cord stimulation, your doctor places an electronic transmitter device in your skin, which transmits field currents to nerves along your spine. The feedback is to inhibit the transmission of pain signals from reaching the brain.

As a result, you tend to feel numb from experiencing pain. In some instances, your doctor can prescribe radiofrequency ablation to inhibit pain signals transmittance to your brain. The method works by applying radiofrequency energy to your nerves.


Your doctor can opt to insert tiny needles to your body in specific target areas to relieve the pain. Acupuncture is a complementary back soothing therapy that can reduce your back pain. You will tend to experience less inflammation around your joint areas, and less pain, as your nerve transmission to the pain signal is minimized.

Physical Therapy

Your doctor can recommend physical therapy to strengthen your core muscles. Therefore, your muscles become more robust and have increased mobility. Additionally, low impact exercises are also a viable option to alleviate your back pain. Through physical therapy, you can stretch your back to promote movement and also relax your muscles.

The Prescriptions

Your back pain specialist may first recommend the use of different prescription drugs. For instance, you can use muscle relaxants, pain medications, and even cortisone shots if the pain is persistent.

Epidural Spinal Injections

Your doctor will integrate a medical prescription in the bid to alleviate your back pain symptoms. For instance, you may first use a muscle relaxant prescription. If your back pain is still resistant to the medicine, your back pain specialist opts to use spinal epidural injections. The injections have steroids, with a direct application to your spine.

Furthermore, your doctor can also choose to give you a facet block injection that alleviates your pain.

Lifestyle Changes

You can integrate different lifestyle changes into your daily routine to alleviate the back pain. For instance, you can avoid high heeled shoes and instead wear low, comfortable, and supportive footwear. As a result, you avoid exerting excess pressure on your back, and you provide adequate support.

Additionally, you can also change your mattress to improve your sleeping position. An anti-inflammatory diet is also a viable option in curbing inflammation to your back. Not to forget, average calcium intake is necessary for the development of strong bones.

However, it is essential not to ignore any back pain and inform your back pain specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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