Top Effective Measures to Prevent Bicycle Theft


Bicycles are one of the cheapest modes of transportation and it is the best means of transport especially for cities that have high traffic density. There are many benefits of using bicycle as your primary mode of transport. Some of the top advantages are that it decrease your transportation cost and helps you to get early to the places where cars cannot reach due to traffic jams. Moreover, it is also beneficial for the overall community as it decreases pollution and many other problems. Many countries are making policies that aim to encourage people to use more bicycles in order to protect the environment against degradation.

However, with the increase in number of bicycles on roads, the bike theft also showed a dramatic progression. Alone in UK, bike theft doubled since 1995. According to the reports by Home Office British Crime Survey, bicycle theft showed a drastic increase of 12% in 2010, as compared to 2009. More than 500,000 bicycles were stolen in 2010 alone.

Keeping in consideration the above threatening statistics, it is much important to take precautionary measures to save your bicycle from any potential risk of theft. Here is a precise guide for some effective precautionary measures:

Lock your bicycle

Always remember to lock your bike, even if you think that the parking place is very safe. There are different types of locks available in the market and you can use any of them (i.e. U-lock, Chain, D-lock etc). However, it is advised to put a D-lock as it is difficult to be cut down. You can even use two different locks to ensure extra protection.

Buy Insurance for Bicycle

Getting bicycle insurance is seemingly the best way to save your money against any theft or even damages. By just a small monthly payment package, you can cover your bicycle against theft, accidental damage and even against vandalism. Many companies give a new bike even if you have used your previous bike for 2-3 years. In case of theft or heavy breakage, you have to pay a small excess amount (e.g. 25 pound) in order to get a replacement bike. The payment methods are usually flexible and you can pay the insurance fee annually or monthly. The monthly payment bill on average is nearly £2.5 (i.e. there are also offers at £2).

If you have got any friend or family member who is interested to avail insurance, it is better to avail Multiple Insurance Package. It is one of the best ways to save your money because you get special discounts for availing multiple bicycle insurance. However, it is up to you to decide that in the present scenario of increasing theft, does this insurance an investment for you or is an expense.

Choose Safe Parking area

Many people just tend to park in a hurry and hence face dire consequences. This is the first mistake people make that gives thieves a chance to steal bike. However, you must know that not all places are the same to steal bike in the eyes of the thieves. Thus, try to park your bike in a proper stand. It reduces the probability of your bike for being stolen. Also do not park the bike at un-crowded places. If you find a proper parking lot that has got security cameras, than that is the best place to park and you can walk without any worry that your bike will be stolen.

Ensure Bike Safety at Home

Keep in mind that your bike is equally vulnerable to theft at home, as it is on the road. It is a common behavior of people that they do not take precautionary measures while parking the bike in their home garage. In order to ensure safety, just simply keep your bike lock and your garage shutter down, once you have parked your bicycle inside. Remember, the more exposed your bike is to the stealer, the higher is the chance that he will try to lift it.

Take- off the Tire after Parking

Removing the wheel of your bicycle is not a very hectic job. It can be easily removed and hence the chances of bike theft are dramatically decreased. The thief will think twice before stealing a bike that has no tire. So it is one of the best strategies that can help you to work in your office or any other place without any worry that someone will take your bike away.

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