Top 6 Cardio Machines For Weight Loss


Once you get on a weight loss program, you will want to commit yourself fully to the cause. However, do not be misled that the entire process is fun as you will have to work hard in each to burn calorie after calorie. That is why the right equipment is the best solution that will make you burn calories in an effective manner and not just burn you out.

Top cardio machines you should get or work with

The right equipment is the beginning of a successful and fun-filled cardio program as it gives your training the overhaul it direly deserves. These are machines that you should find in any standard gym and with the right instructors, you will surely have a wonderful work out session every time. The following are six of the best cardio equipment

Spin bikes

Cycling is a great and fun way to torch body calories, and a spin bike tries to simulate this in a gym for you. It is a great choice for cardio workouts and all it takes is a little bit getting used to avoiding getting bruises while using it.

Spin bikes are great for torching calories on your lower back and body in a highly effective yet comfortable manner. It is recommended as it is common in most gyms you can find.


These offer a friendly condition through your work-out session as you will be able to understand just how it works and adjust yourself. The pedals and handlebars mean that the machine works on all your body parts, burning calorie after calorie.

Latest versions allow a user to track their RPM and pulse on an inbuilt monitor which is actually great. It is a great machine if you feel the need to evaluate your working program or even pace yourself in each interval you make use of one.


This is an equipment that is great for maintaining the normal body movement, in an upright posture. It is easy to use and allows you choose the speed that best suits you as you work your way up to greater speed levels.

For maximum results, you should let go of the handles and get down to business while your whole body is in an upright posture. It is super easy to use and all it takes is adjusting the speed or grade according to your level.

Rowing machines

Such machines are rare, but so are diamonds. Rowing machine is a great cardio machine as it gets the whole body into the action; from your neck to your feet. Moreover, it offers a greater range of motion than most training equipment.

With the right technique or coaching, you will burn calories in an easy and comfortable way using one of these.

A Woodway curve

This is just like a treadmill but you power it on your own, yes, there is no motor to pace things up. You dictate the pace with every step, meaning the faster you go the faster the curve will run.
The curved surface gives a feeling of running uphill thus letting your lower-body muscles get into the workout session.

With each and every round you get on this, you burn calories in a comfortable yet effective manner given its design. It does not complicate matters as you do not have to adjust your speed to march the speed of the motor that runs a mill.

A Jacob’s ladder

This is a simple yet effective machine to incorporate into your working routine. The ladder is just like a normal one but extends to higher levels as you proceed. It is great as it engages your inner muscles and relieves the stress on your lower back.

It also offers a fun experience for you as the user and you get to burn a ton of calories in the least expected way. The machine is comfortable and user-friendly for anyone who wants to undertake a cardio program. Like most machines here, it offers a full body workout which should be a priority for selecting the cardio machine to work with.

Final thoughts
The above cardio training equipment seeks to make you enjoy the entire weight loss process. Using them will make you yearn for the next gym session and with a qualified instructor pain from workouts will be on the downside.

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