Top 5 Tips For Clothes Shopping While Travelling


Most seasoned travelers will tell you that the key to comfortable travelling is to pack well. When you are packed well, you feel comfortable and confident when you arrive to your destination. When you are traveling especially to another country, you just need to pack some few essentials and leave room for changes. When you arrive to the destination, you will have a chance to know the local weather, style and later pick up the things you need there. In this article, we will discuss the top tips of buying clothes while you are travelling.

Pack few things to get through your first few days

Even if you plan to get some few other clothes when you arrive, you have to carry some few to carry you along for the first few days. You can just pack two pairs of comfortable shoes, neutral colors, shirts, pants and wrinkle resistant clothing. Ensure that the cloths you carry are stain resistant. One mistake that most people especially women make is assuming that they will buy all clothing items when they are traveling. This should be a by the way and for that reason, you need to ensure you have packed the right clothing items for the travel. Women should not wait to buy bras and swimsuits while they are travelling because they are hard to purchase with the local sizing conventions.

Not just clothes but also accessories

Most people will not just buy clothes and leave accessories because they thinks that an outfit is not complete without a matching watch or necklace. The good thing is that in most of the foreign countries, accessories are very cheap and affordable. While you are travelling, you also have to leave a space for that accessory that you have been looking for. You can buy a matching watch from a second hand store or from a local brand especially when you are traveling to some reputable watch destinations such as Japan. You can buy for iwc watches while on trail or just get handbags from local designers.

Every time you buy a pair of suits or a beautiful dress while travelling, look for a matching accessory to complete the match. However, when you are shopping for accessories, you don’t have to buy on impulse, make it slow and shop around for original and affordable accessories.

Choose a store

Wherever you go, you will find several stores offering different items at different prices. You first of all have to make up your mind if you want to go somewhere for fun prints and unique prices or just to shop for big brands. That’s the reason why almost everyone goes for urban outfitters because here you will get all what you needs with ease. If you are just looking to polish out your wardrobe with foreign items, then you have several options when you get to the city. You can as well ask around for the best malls and shopping joints. Ask from reliable source to make sure you are getting the right suggestions. When you are doing this, you can as well give them your needs and preferences to make it easy for the guide to get a good and a matching place for your needs. If you don’t want to ask along, then you can spend some time searching online. Do a comprehensive research online to get a list of locally available shopping joints.

Prepare space in your luggage

Since you already know that you will be shopping on your trip, make sure that there’s enough space in your luggage as you move around. This is to ensure you have enough space for all the items you buy. The wisest decision is to pack a small suitcase and then insert that suitcase to a larger one. It is the best trick for those shoppers who want to get the most from every travel destination. Nobody will notice that you have two suitcases until you pack them with clothes while you are returning home.

However, before you start on this, you should make sure that your return flight allows you to take two bags. If this is not the case, then you have to ensure that the small suitcase is a carry-on size. Most people also use cloths which they are considering throw away while they are travelling. This is another trick that you can use when traveling with the thoughts of shopping for clothes while in a foreign land.

You just have to pack these cloths and wear them one more time before throwing them away. This way, you will have enough space for your new clothes. You may as well be forced to consider a one-in-one policy. This means that when you buy a new jacket, the old one hits the dust. If these cloths are still in good conditions, then you can post it home or donate to charity shop.

Shop responsibly

When you are shopping abroad, take your conscience with you. You should at all cost avoid shops that use sweatshop labor and opt for those that support free trade initiatives. A good decision is to choose local and upcoming shops to support the country you are in. You should at all the time carry your bag so that you can turn down any plastic bag that you are given along the way. You will also be able to leave shoe boxes in the stores because the store can recycle them better than you can do.

Shopping while travelling can be a good experience but you need to ensure that you are doing it responsively. You also have to ensure that you are supporting upcoming local stores rather than going for international brands while you could get them in your local town.

Shopping for clothes and accessories while travelling can be a fun affair. That’s the reason why almost everyone is very ready to get something home from a foreign shop. Just ensure you have enough space and money for that local experience.

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