Top 5 Sports To Lose Belly Fat

If shedding off extra weight from the body would have been so easy, then we would have a society of fit and toned bodies!

A perfect body shape with crisp six pack abs might be the fantasy you are dreaming every night. But every morning you wake up, you are there with your chubby, fatty body. Getting that perfect figure is surely a tricky task and requires lots of efforts, but the interesting thing is that you can actually shed off all the fat from your body by just adapting to play your favorite sport.

Yes! Your favorite sport can drive you straight to the route of losing extra pounds from the body.

Why Playing Sports to Lose Weight Can Be Your Best Decision!

If you have restored lots of pounds on your body due to an inactive lifestyle, then sports is the best active way to burn calories with ease. Turning to your favorite sports will be one of the most exciting ways to bid farewell to your chubby belly fat.

Now think about spending a great, active time with your family and shedding off that extra weight from your body at the same time. This seems a great idea! You might head away to the gym or adopt homeopathy treatment to get a toned body.

But this way, you will be spending time alone. At the same time, the results can get reversed as soon as you stop the treatment or stop the application. Last but not the least, playing sports is an excellent stress buster that would make you get going all the day long.

Playing sports can be like a regular fuel to your body that will deliver you with lasting results.

So, Which Sports To Play?

You can either adapt to play a solo sport or a team sport, depending on your personal preference. Every sport is going to benefit your body and bring in numerous mental, physical, and emotional benefits.

So, if you are finding difficulty in selecting the most appropriate sport for yourself, we are here to help you. We list you the top 5 sports that can help you lose all your belly fat and help you achieve a well-toned, lean body in very less time. So, glance below and check out the top sports to lose belly fat!

  1. Table Tennis

Calories burned each hour – 600 to 800 calories

If you don’t want to sweat off in that shining, sunny sky, then table tennis can be the perfect game to lose belly fat in very less time. It is an amazing rhythmic sport that anyone can play, even when you are new to it.

Remember, you can avail maximum physical advantage from this sport if you plan to play the single tennis. It is because this will allow you to have maximum ground coverage. Playing table tennis is an excellent sport for not just your belly, but even for your shoulders, hips, forearms, and legs.

  1. Football

Calories Burned each hour – 700 to 850 calories

Getting in shape can be really fun and exciting by playing football. With a huge ground to play, this is one sport that will ensure that you are moving throughout the course of play. You don’t have to hit the goal or be an expert.

You are not playing for a league! Hence, form a team of individuals suffering from the similar problem as this would help you play football with healthy competition. Bring knee pads and elbow pads for yourself to make sure that you don’t get hurt while you are playing. So, besides losing belly fat, prepare yourself to run and change directions swiftly.

  1. Basketball

Calories Burned Each Hour – 500 to 700 calories

This sport needs no introduction as it is one of the international sports that involve lots of bending and stretching exercises. Besides offering you a good body height, Basketball can help you remove all the additional fat from your body. Jumping, running, footwork, stretching, and a focused mind are few of the core activities of Basketball.

While this can burn large sums of calories in an hour, it can also be an exciting way to spend some exciting time with your family. Make sure you buy good quality outdoor shoes for Basketball as once you start playing this game, you are going to fall in love with it and might end up spending more hours than you have decided. If you play this game with your kid, you should that there are different sizes of basketballs globally recommended for different specific groups of people

  1. Cycling


Calories Burned Each Hour – 500 to 650 Calories

Remember your childhood days, when you used to rush out from your home to get those additional minutes to practice cycling. This is one of the most common sports played across geographies and enjoyed by individuals of all ages.

If you have excessive fat deposited around your belly, bulky legs, hefty buttocks, and arms, cycling is just perfect for you. Include cycling for an hour in your daily weight loss regimen, and you will soon notice the difference.

The finest thing about this sport is that you don’t have to learn anything new. So, if you have good balancing skills and love to roam in the green, scenic environment, then cycling is the best choice for you. So, bring yourself a new cycle and get ready to rejoice in the scenic surroundings while losing off that belly fat.

  1. Swimming

Calories Burned Each Hour – 450 to 700 Calories

Swimming is a highly effective sport to lose weight. You can learn swimming in just one month time and then practice it regularly to have a slim and flat belly. This is a sweat-free sport that brings lots of cardiovascular benefits. Just like aerobics and yoga, you can practice swimming alone and avail a calm and smooth mind. Swimming is even more interesting asyou can practice different strokes and indulge in a splash whenever you feel like.

Excessive belly fat not just negatively impacts your self-confidence but is a home to various threatening ailments. According to recent research from Harvard Health Publications in 2015, excessive belly fat can give birth to complicated health problems, like heart disease, diabetes, thyroid, and more.

Switch to a weight loss regimen now and include playing your favorite sport for just one hour a day and soon you will see the difference on your own. So, keep playing and stay fit!


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