Top 5 Most Effective Exercises


Want to get fit but can’t be bothered to join a club or put on a pair of spandex pants in public? We don’t blame you. Anyone can beef up their body and attain better fitness levels – anywhere and with very little cash. Here are five suggestions from us that are free, accessible and effective…

1. Sit -ups

Not only will sit-ups tighten your stomach muscles but they’ll help strengthen your core, which will in turn help with a lot of other exercises. Once you have a stronger core, you’ll feel the benefits in every workout. Avoid straining your neck and back when doing sit-ups, and don’t use other parts of your body to compensate – abs only or there’s no point! You’ll be impressed at how much strength this builds and although you may need to start off slow, once you develop a routine you’ll be amazed at how good your entire body will feel at the accomplishment.

2. Squats and lunges

Two brilliant exercises that work wonders for your leg muscles all at once, including your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. When doing lunges you can do back and forward ones for a bit of variation. When doing squats you can hold weights to build extra strength, or speed up the routine for an intense, shorter workout that’s good for a bit of cardio too.

3. Walking or running

See the scenes and take to the streets. Walking is superb for a cardio workout and overall fitness – doing a daily walk or run can improve your fitness and health drastically. Start with short distances and bursts of speed and slowly build up until you can run or walk flat out for a set time period. Look up breathing techniques online to help you avoid stitches and ankle tenderness if you’re walking a long distance.

4. Push ups

Probably one of the more daunting exercises to master if you haven’t worked out in a while, push ups are great because they use most of the muscles in your body, including your back, chest, back and triceps – they’re great strength builders too. If you struggle with the way a push up is traditionally done, start with your knees touching the ground and work your way towards doing them normally as your torso strength is increased.

5. Skipping

Although this can put a bit of strain on the knees over a long period of time, it is a superb way to get in some cardio every day. It’ll increase your heart rate, get your blood pumping and works your arm, leg and stomach muscles. It’s also a good exercise for co ordination and fun!

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