Top 5 Items You Need To Bring When Travelling To Europe


Whenever you are travelling, you often get to your destination and find that you have forgotten at least one thing that you would have needed. Whether it is sun cream a phone charger or a toothbrush, this can be an annoyance and often leads to you replacing it when you are there. However, with some careful planning, you can make sure that you bring all the essential items with you. To help you out, we have put together a list of items that you need to bring with you when travelling around Europe.

Comfortable Footwear

When travelling around Europe, you will likely be out there to see the sights and enjoy some of the many wonders of the world and this will involve a lot of walking. As a result, you will want to bring either walking boots or comfortable trainers with you to make sure that you can walk around and see the sites in complete comfort. Whether it is the many sights in the city of Rome or the acropolis in Athens there are plenty of amazing sights for you to see in Europe.

Medications That You Take Often

If you are someone who takes medication every day for a health condition it is important to make sure that you pack them with you. Not only this, but you should bring a list of the medication that you take just in case you run out on your trip as you will be able to find them and purchase them there. Whilst in southern Europe it could be worthwhile taking some Anti Malaria medication with you. These tablets and the accompanying list can be slotted within a pouch of your suitcase and taken out when needed to prevent them from getting lost.

Travel Insurance Paperwork and GHIC Card

Another piece of paperwork that you may need when travelling to Europe is proof of your health insurance. This will enable you to show that you are covered and will enable you to seek medical help should you need it and know that you are protected. In addition to this, each member of your family is required to carry with them a UK GHIC card. This will provide every member of the family with health care at a reduced cost or even completely free in some of the countries that accept these cards, allowing you to keep your whole family safe whilst travelling without breaking the bank.

A Digital Camera

Though many of us carry a camera phone with us on a daily basis, you may want to capture some of the amazing locations that you visit in slightly better quality. Therefore, bringing your beloved DSLR camera with you will allow you to get images of an amazing quality that you can look back on in years to come. These can then be stored on an SD card and put on your computer when you return home, allowing you to relive your trip with family and friends.

A Makeup Bag

The final item you should be packing with you is a makeup bag. Whether you are using it to hold your mail grooming products or you are using it for makeup and feminine items, this smaller bag can slot in your suitcase and help you to remain organised and prevent products from exploding all over your clothes and other belongings.

Regardless of where you are travelling, there are several items that you need to pack that can benefit you greatly when travelling to Europe. Which of these will you be packing?

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