Top-5 Blow-Drying Mistakes That May Result In Damaged Hair

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What can be easier than blow-drying your hair? But in fact, many women seriously damage their hair each time they make it. The process is quite simple, but you should remember some rules. Let’s have a look at the most common mistakes you should avoid if you want to keep your hair healthy and shining. You’ll find out how to keep your head, whether you need a hooded dryer and why you should section your strands. If you do everything right, your hair will remain silky despite using hot air.

Mistake № 1. You don’t have a proper hair dryer

Let’s start at the very beginning. Purchase a high-quality hair dryer which will last years and help you to skip blowouts at an expensive beauty salon. When buying a hair dryer, pay attention to the three main characteristics. First of all, it should have multiple heat modes. There must be a button for a quick transition from hot to cold air and a few fan intensity settings. Pay attention to the power of the hair dryer. You are unlikely to have a hair dryer that is too powerful as there is a risk of overdrying your hair, and a weak tool will significantly complicate the styling process. Another important thing is replaceable nozzles for a different hairstyle.

Mistake № 2. Your Hair Is Too Wet Or Overdried With A Towel

Your hair should be 70% dry when you turn on the blow-dryer. The longer the strands are exposed to hot air, the more harm you do to them. Wrap wet hair with a towel, and then let it dry slightly naturally in the open air. Gently straighten the strands with your fingers, directing the roots up, and only then start drying. Excess water makes strands heavier. After washing, cortex, the base of the hair, swells and becomes especially fragile. On the other hand, don’t keep it in a towel for a long time, the maximum time is just 10 min. Otherwise, your hair breaks off, and your skin begins to secrete sebum more actively.

Mistake № 3. You don’t divide your hair into sections and start drying from the bottom

Dividing your hair into separate zones greatly facilitates the process and guarantees the best result. Divide the hair into four sections (from the center of the forehead to the middle of the neck, and from ear to ear) and use hairpins. After you finish with the bottom sections, continue with the remaining ones. Start blow drying at the hairline each time. Then switch the hair dryer to the cool mode and quickly go through the entire hair.

Mistake № 4. You ignore heat protectants and styling products

Hot air eliminates moisture, and cuticle flakes rise. Therefore, thermal protection is a necessary thing. It covers the hair with a film which minimizes the negative effects of the blow-dryer. On the other hand, don’t overdose with the beauty products if you want to get volume, gloss, and fixation at the same time. A little bit of spray or mousse for volume and spray for shine is quite enough.

Mistake № 5. You keep the dryer wrong and not using a nozzle

A nozzle, or a diffuser, is an indispensable part of any hair dryer. It helps to direct and concentrate the airflow wherever you need, and not to blow randomly scattering hair in all directions. The proper nozzle is long and not wide, with a narrow slot. If you keep the hair dryer too close, you only damage it. The optimal distance is 15 cm. Gently move the gadget from the roots to the ends of the strand, holding the nozzle parallel to it. This ensures drying along the entire length and smoothness.

Finish drying with cool air to leave hair with a brighter shine. You can also use a styler to make your hair a bit wavy. Fix your hair with a spray, and you are ready for new horizons!

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