Top 5 Benefits Of Doing Dips

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When we talk of working out and getting fit, a lot of enthusiasts and fitness fans will talk about dips. Interestingly, it’s one of the best bodyweight exercises out there. Moreover, it relies on compound movement, meaning it works many muscle groups and muscles as it relies on a lot of joints moving at the same time.

Unfortunately, hearing how it works might make us think a dip can be pretty inconvenient. However, if you’re busy like with a house move, doing dips can actually be one of the best exercises for you to do that tackles almost all major muscle areas you need to take note of! What exactly are the best benefits of dips you need to take note of?


  • Dip bars are extremely compact. If you’re about to move to a new home, you might be concerned as to how you’ll maintain your routine. After all, moving can be quite busy, right? Thankfully, you can make dips a part of your “resting” period while packing and moving, as dip bars are extremely compact and portable unlike other exercising tools. Save for weights, dip bars can be assembled and stored quickly – meaning, they can be the last things you pack with your long distance moving company, and they can be the first equipment you can set up in your new home that you can move around while you unpack the rest of your things.
  • Define your upper body much easily. Fans love doing dips thanks to its ability to define upper body strength. Since dips are bodyweight exercises, there’s no need to worry about purchasing extra weights – as it’s the body that does everything for you. However, fans of dips can also be improved by adding weight to the body, and they’re not necessarily only through weights! Aside from putting dumbbells on legs (be careful!), dips can be improved with a backpack or a dip belt, both of which can progressively add weight to the body and define upper body strength given enough time and practice.
  • It’s one of the few CKC exercises. When we say CKC, it means closed kinetic chain. This kind of exercise involves movement of the body while another part (say, the hands or, in the case of a dip, the feet) are fixed. As one of the few upper body-basd CKC workouts, dips can work on muscles simply by repeating the exercise. And while others might say push ups are similar to dips, the latter actually relies on our full body weight while the former only relies on a fraction of our upper body.
  • It’s a perfect companion for other bodyweight exercises. Thanks to the benefits of dips, you can add this as a companion to other simpler bodyweight exercises, such as crunches and even push-ups. The dip tackles the back, triceps, shoulders, and chest, meaning it’s a great overall upper body exercise. As such, you can rely on other exercises to develop these key areas individually, while the dip enhances them all at once. There’s no need to go to the gym if you can do this!
  • Help with a lot of heavy-lifting for heavy-duty tasks. When you do workouts regularly, you also build mass that can help you do other heavy-duty things at home such as lifting and carrying heavy things. If you’ve hired best long distance movers for your house move, you can actually help them out by moving around your other heavy boxes, too, thanks to your training with dips.


Dips Are Awesome!

With the above perks in mind, it’s important to remember that dips can be one of the most useful and extremely efficient forms of exercises out there. Thanks to its compound nature, dips can easily tackle multiple muscle groups in one go – which makes it perfect if you’re on the go or if you have a lot of tasks to do for the day. And if you’re trying to bulk up, dips can also be the perfect companion for a strength or core routine to define your body and overall figure.

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