Top 4 Surrogacy Myths Debunked


Becoming parents when your child holds your finger for the first time is the unique feeling in the world. But, sadly, many individuals nowadays are unable to conceive with the natural process.

Whether you struggle to have pregnancy issues, coping with partner’s infertility or in a relationship with the same-sex, you may start losing hope of achieving parenthood.

However, with surrogacy, it is possible, and you have perhaps already considered a surrogate to carry your child. Undoubtedly, the things that come with benefits come with myths as well, whether it’s the process of surrogacy or anything else.

But, we hope that you are not discouraged by all the rumors that you have heard. Most of them know how to tackle with these rumors, but it is also essential to do your own research.

We have collected the surrogacy myths for you that will assure you about the right decision you are making. It will entirely change your life once you have your own child in your hands.

 No Bond between the Child and Parent Mother

The relationship creates between mother and child is special. However, it has now been focused more on the emotional bond that is must between the child and parent mother for the child’s future growth. Subsequent nurturing is very important than just carrying a child.

And, it begins right after the child’s birth when he or she is handed to her or his parents. Also, doctors specializing in surrogacy in California completely understand that it is a delicate matter, so the privacy of both the parties is preserved.

Today, the intended mother is involved in every step with the surrogate mother; thus the intended mother feels a strong bond with her newborn baby immediately.

Surrogacy Is Expensive and Only the Richest Can Afford It

Surrogacy can be expensive, but the amount paid out includes expenses, health risks, time, and effort. Potential surrogate mothers also meet a necessary, but stringent list of conditions and qualifications before processing her application.

Those who are thinking that is is all about money are absolutely wrong as surrogate mothers must be warm and compassionate, who are interested in providing this unique service.

In addition, a surrogate mother has to face well-being, physical changes, and other concerns. A strict list is prepared on a surrogate mother’s routine, her activities, and her lifestyle.

She has to take care of herself as well as the baby she is carrying. The duration of pregnancy itself takes up nine months of her time, with the post-pregnancy care that lasts up to a year.

Surrogates Are Mostly Biological Mother of the Baby

This is a complete myth and not true in every case. Commonly the surrogates are gestational surrogates, means they have no blood relation or any other biological aspects of the babies they carry.  The embryo is created from either a donor egg/sperm or the client’s egg and her partner’s sperm.

Surrogate Mother Won’t Give the Baby Later On

It is very natural that the surrogate mother emotionally attached to the child throughout the pregnancy.

However, this might have happened in the past when there were not that many strict rules regarding this phenomenon. Now, thankfully, the surrogate and intended parents sign a legal binding contract to remain under the legal process.

Surrogate woman agrees to continue with this journey when she knows that he or her family does not want children anymore. On the other side, she understands the parent concern, their time, effort, and totally fine with not being with the child after giving birth.

Also, before making the legal contract, both the parties have an in-depth session to confirm if the surrogate can sentimentally and psychologically handle the surrogacy process and understands the parent’s concern.

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