Top 3 Tips For Better Lash Retention

Perfect quality extension lash glue plays a crucial role in the storage, and the making of lash glues last longer. Therefore, you should learn to handle and care for your adhesives by training on how to generate a lash set of the maximum quality. Bear in mind that several factors can impact your extension lash glue to function according to its optimum quality. However, with excellent knowledge, you can avoid such problems. This article will guide you through several tips for storage and making lash glues last longer. These include:

Step 1-Storage

It is appropriate that you keep your lash glue in a dry and cool environment. Furthermore, the shelf life of an open adhesive is approximately four weeks; however, it is sometimes likely to spoil even before the recommended time. This is if you do not take care of it properly. Therefore, you must keep your lash glue away from the sun. Note that in-studio sunlit, the sun directly hits it, you must maintain your adhesive in a dark and cool place, especially immediately after use. If you want to check the best eyelash extensions glue then click here right away.

When you have not commenced using it, make sure that you store your glue in a generated sun-blocked container of aluminum with a gel of Silica to enhance its optimum condition.

Step 2-How to properly use the glue, during the refill

When you are dispensing your glue drop, ensure that you do not create direct contact with its surfaces like glue stickers, crystal plates, and jade stones. This is because the surfaces are likely to get contaminated with some dust. This can make its way to your glue bottle.

On the other hand, if there is oxygen in your adhesive, it will impact the freshness of your lash glue. Moreover, if you expose your adhesive to air, you would have shortened its life. This is noticeable since you will be able to observe gummy and thick consistency on your lash glue bottle. Thus, to prevent this, you have to burp the glue bottle after each use. However, to do away with these bubbles, squeeze your glue bottle gently after its use.

Please make sure that you clean the glue nozzle immediately when you are through using it with a paper piece. It would be best if you did not attempt using any material that has lint since it might get stuck into your nozzle. If this happens simultaneously, your glue lid will not close as recommended hence shortening how long your lash glue would have lasted. You should always ensure that you close the glue lid tightly than just engulfing the nozzle with a cover. Note that moisture ultimately affects the lash glue longevity.

Step 3-Before you commence a fill, shake your glue bottle.

Before you start using your lash glue, you have to shake it to mix it properly. Eyelash adhesive extension contains cyanoacrylate as well as compounds that are complex such as pigments, hardening accelerators, thickener, and a stabilizer, among many more compounds. Due to this, you will experience the separation of layers emitted by a varying density of every component settled in a lash glue bottle for some time. This makes it necessary for you to shake it and properly mix the entire ingredients of your glue. On the other hand, this will guarantee optimal performance and improve your adhesive’s longevity.

Additionally, by shaking your bottle before you start a new set, you will be able to ensure that you lash glue if of maximum quality and is suitable for use. Therefore, shake it for approximately 30 minutes horizontally. In case you are not up for the challenge, you can opt to invest in a shaker of adhesive. You are also supposed to shake it for at least 2 minutes before you commence your application.


Can I put my lash glue in a refrigerator?

The refrigerator is not a perfect place to store your lash glue since it is likely to impact the entire glue’s performance. By forming a dew condensation on the inside as well as the outside. There only appropriate place to store your lash glue is in a cool and dark place.

What is the shelf life of lash glue?

The shelf life of lash glue is 3-6 months when it is not open and one month once you open it. You can find its expiry date on its package. It is appropriate that you note down the purchase date to maintain the shelf life track.


From the above information, you now have a clear understanding of the top 3 storage tips that make your lash glues last longer. With this in mind, you will be able to take the necessary measures to ensure your glue serves you for an extended duration.

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