Top 3 Natural Remedies For Acne


Acne is something that everyone gets at one point of their life. As the most common skin conditions on earth, acne is thought to affect about 85% of the population one time or another. Other there are thousands of different acne solutions on the market today, the truth is the majority of them are filled with harsh chemicals, toxins and additives that sometimes do more damage than good. Sometimes conventional acne treatments are way too expensive for many or have bad side effects like irritation, redness and dryness, which is why many look to cure their acne with natural remedies at home. So if you’re looking for a natural solution for your acne, here are a few natural remedies that’ll help with your skin condition:

Apple Cider Vinegar Solution


Apple cider vinegar is a kitchen staple and is made by fermenting apple cider or it can even contain unfiltered juice after apples are pressed. Similar to other vinegars, it’s known to fight off various viruses and bacteria thanks to its organic acids, specifically succinic acid that can suppress inflammation by acne. To use, you just take raw apple cider vinegar and mix with three parts water (more if you have really sensitive skin). Apply the solution to your skin using a cotton ball and let it sit for about 30 seconds before rinsing it. You can use the solution one to two times a day as you need it.

Tea Tree Oil Spot Treatment

tea tree

As one of the more popular essential oils, tea tree oil is made from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, which is a tree in Australia. It’s known for its abilities to reduce skin inflammation and fight off bacteria. Plus, it doesn’t have negative side effects that other treatments have like burning, dryness or irritation. To use, mix one drop of tea tree oil with nine parts water and use a cotton swab to apply the treatment to any affected areas. Repeat one to two times a day.

Green Tea Solution

green tea

Green tea has tons of benefits for your general health, including your skin! It has loads of antioxidants and drinking a cup of green tea a day can promote great health. Applying it to y our skin has shown to help with acne problems because of the tanins and flavonoids in it that can fight bacteria while reducing inflammation. Make a cup of green tea and use a cotton swab to apply it to your skin or use a spray bottle to spritz it on your face. Allow it to dry and rinse with water.


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