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There are all sorts of fashion “rules” that most women are aware of, but there are even more fashion no-no’s that many women break every day. These aren’t exactly rules, per se, but instead are things that the majority of women don’t normally think about when putting an outfit together.

However, these fashion no-no’s can actually throw off your entire outfit. With a few simple changes, however, you can go from being a fashion disaster to a fashion queen!

1. The Dreaded VPL

VPL’s, or visible panty lines, are an absolute no-no when it comes to getting dressed. Most women don’t pay much attention to their undergarments, but you really should — especially if you are wearing clingy tops or pants.

If you can’t stand the thought of wearing a thong, there are plenty of seamless options available. Pay close attention to your bra, as well. Ill-fitting bras are a terrible fashion no-no. It’s worth the money to invest in two or three quality bras and get professionally measured so you know exactly what size to buy!

2. Wearing the Wrong Size

I don’t understand what it is about women who can’t seem to figure out their size. Wearing clothes that are obviously too small or too large does nothing to flatter your figure. Tight clothing will call attention to the slightest amount of body fat, whereas large and baggy outfits will make you look like you weigh more than you actually do!

Buy clothes that fit you and your current size; don’t buy clothes that you think will fit later when you plan to lose an extra 5 or 10 pounds.

3. Chipped Polish

You may look pulled together with the perfect outfit, hair, and makeup, but if you neglect your nails they will throw your entire look off. Chipped nail polish is a serious fashion no-no, and should be avoided at all costs. If you can’t afford a professional manicure but don’t feel like spending a lot of personal time on your nails, clean them up and apply a coat of clear polish for quick and easy grooming.

4. Loading Up on Accessories

Having one statement accessory is fine, but load up on too many eye-catching pieces and you’ll look like you don’t own any mirrors in your home. Stick to one or two accessories for maximum impact without looking crazy or overdone.

5. Wearing the Wrong Colors

Just because that bright orange top looks good on your best friend doesn’t mean it will look that great on you, especially if you two have different skin tones. Learn which colors flatter your skin tone and try to stick with those when getting dressed. The wrong color can make you look pasty and washed out, whereas the right colors can make you look vibrant and beautiful.

6. Dressing too Young

If you are over 40, you want to avoid wearing clothing and trends that are obviously meant for the 20-something and under crowd. That doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy or boring. You can still look stylish with age appropriate clothing, but attempting to dress too young will look tacky and cheap.

7. Wrinkled Clothing

I hate ironing as much as the next woman, but wrinkled clothes look unattractive and unpolished. To avoid looking like something that cat dragged in, iron your clothes! Enough said.

8. Dirty Shoes

Even if you look pulled together up top, if your shoes are dirty people will notice, and your entire look will be thrown off. Make sure you are wearing appropriate shoes based on your outfit, and above all, make sure they are clean!

9. Showing your Bra Straps

Honestly, there’s really no excuse to show your bra straps. There are so many different variations of bra styles that you can find a bra that works with whatever you plan to wear, and you don’t have to show your bra straps to do it. It’s just tacky and doesn’t look good on anyone!

10. Too Much Makeup

Seriously, this is a biggie and way too many women I know are guilty of this fashion no-no. Save the dramatic eyeliner and gobs of mascara for evening, ladies. For daytime, keep it simple. Less truly is more!

11. Overdoing Trends

Trends are the fashion world’s way of showing you what’s hot now, but that doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy an entire outfit showing off that trend. Maybe animal prints are in, but you don’t want to overdo it by wearing a shirt, scarf, shoes, and a handbag that are all animal prints!

The golden rule here is to keep it simple and highlight one particular fashion trend using one or two key pieces.

12. Being too Rigid

You know what works for you, and you’re afraid to jump out of your style rut. However, fashion is all about experimenting and coming up with creative ways to showcase the outfits you already own in new and different ways. Don’t be afraid to walk outside your comfort zone when it comes to fashion or you run the risk of looking outdated.

Looking polished, put together, and stylish really doesn’t have to be difficult once you know what works for you and how to pull off a particular look. By avoiding these 12 fashion no-no’s, you can look fashionable and fabulous in no time at all!

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