Top 10 Treadmill Workout Tips to Slow Down The Process Of Getting Older

Getting older and experiencing the aging process is an unavoidable fact of life. Year after year, we find ourselves with less energy, endurance, and strength.


Fortunately, the process is not completely out of our control. There are some things each of us can do to slow down the aging process. One of these is regular physical exercise.

Walking and running on a treadmill is one way you can slow, or even reverse, the physical effects of aging. Let’s take a look at some ways to get the most out of your treadmill exercises.

Stretch first

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make with treadmills is failing to adjust to being indoors. Your body tends to be cooler and your muscles tighter. Stretch first to allow your body to gradually adjust to your treadmill exercise.

Warm up correctly

The easiest thing to do is simply hop on the treadmill and begin running immediately at your preferred pace. If you think about it though, you will see that when running outdoors your body will automatically and gradually adjust to that pace.

One way to warm up is to walk for a few minutes. Take it easy and gradually build up to a quick walk. A brisk walk for 3 minutes or jogging for 2 minutes should get you prepared for more intense exercise.

Treadmill clothes

You’ll most likely be sweating a good deal, so wear a nice fitting t-shirt and a good pair of shorts. You will also need good running shoes that are clean.

Treadmill gear

You will want to stay hydrated and as dry as you can. Keep a water bottle handy and the water cold. You might also keep a hand towel nearby.

Use a slight incline

Set the incline to 1-2 percent. A gentle uphill is more typical of outdoor running since there is no wind indoors. If you are beginner, leaving it at 0 percent is fine until your fitness improves.

Do not make the incline too steep

Setting it over 7 percent could result in calf or Achilles tendon injuries.

Do not hold onto the handrail

Some beginners instinctively hold onto the console or handrails. Their purpose is to assist you in safely getting on and off your treadmill.

Focus on your stride

Maintain a quick and short stride to make the impact on your legs more gentle. Keep a mid-foot strike on the treadmill so that your heels are not absorbing the brunt of the impact and transferring it to your knees.

Avoid looking down

You may occasionally look down to check how much time you have left, but do not make it a habit. If you are constantly looking down, your running form will be poor. And if you are staring at your feet, you will probably assume a hunched posture that could result in neck and back pain.

Allow for a cool down

Just as you need to warm up, you need to cool down after your exercise. Slow the pace down during your final minutes on your treadmill.

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