Top 10 Tips How to Boost Your Immune System


We have prepared some tips about habits and foods that can strengthen the body and prepare it to defend against viruses and bacteria from our daily routine.

1. Reduce stress
We know that in contemporary world stress is almost inevitable, but it is necessary to learn how to cope with it. Physical activity, listening to favorite music and laughter are just some of the natural enemies of stress. Engage these activities as much as possible.

2. Drink more lemonade
Preparations of fresh lemon should be included in our diet. Lemon is the perfect food for maintaining balance between acid and alkaline in your body, and a valuable source of vitamin C.

3. Eat more protein
Protein is the building material for a healthy body, mind and immune system. Low protein diet is usually rich in carbohydrates that are easily converted into glucose, and it burdens the pancreas and the immune system.

4. Reduce the intake of coffee
Too much chocolate and coffee are the two worst things for your immune system. Caffeine takes away vitamins and minerals from your body and causes dehydration. If you drink coffee, be sure to drink an additional two glasses of water or multivitamin preparations.

5. Fresh is healthy
Nothing can replace the nutritional value and vitamins contained in fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Dark vegetables, such as broccoli and kale are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants that protect your cells from toxins.

6. Gain exposure to the cold
The fact is that the average person spends most of its life indoors, especially in winter. The air we breathe is dry and contaminated with millions of bacteria.Thus, the outdoors activities are important during winter, so just dress warmly and have a great time and pleasure with your friends or family members on the snow.

7. Do not go overboard with exercise
Moderate but regular exercise will help strengthen the immune system. Accelerating the flow of blood helps the circulation of antibodies that are responsible for fighting infection. However, do not overdo it. Too overwhelming physical activity can often have a counter effect.

8. Detoxification
Through food and drink that we consume every day a certain amount of toxins enter our body, accumulate in the colons and can lead to diseases. Therefore, the purification of the organism is extremely important. The body must be released from toxins, so your immune system can function properly. Detoxicate your body!

9. Sleep
Besides being one of the best medicine against stress, getting enough sleep is associated with a balance of different hormones, including cortisol and growth hormone, weight control and healthy skin. Listen to your body and find out how much sleep is optimal for you.

10. Be optimistic
The immune system acts according to your thoughts and feelings, so it is important to have an optimistic view of the world. Start with a smile and everything will be easier.

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