Top 10 Food Fad Diets Currently Going Strong

sushi and fish diet

Fad diets come and go. Some become enormously popular and have a short lived life, while others hang on in niche markets.

Here are 10 of the greatest fad diets.

The Paleo Diet – The paleo diet is based around the foods that cavemen ate. Therefore there are no heavily processed foods. All foods in this diet have to be fresh and therefore tend to have a higher nutritional count. The paleo diet is the latest fad that has been popular and all the rage.

The Atkins Diet – The Atkins diet is designed around the removal of all carbs from the diet. Replacing them are higher amounts of fat and protein. The Atkins diet exploded in popularity as individuals saw tons of success in losing weight with, but it has become less popular over time.

Raw Food – What has been noticed by many is the nutritional loss from food when it is cooked. Raw foodists don’t cook food and therefore extract more nutrition from these raw foods over time. They tend to be healthier and don’t have to worry about having highly processed foods either as they are strictly forbidden.

Sushi and Fish Diet – The high protein and low fat contents of fish have led some to try for sushi and fish diets to improve health. What scares off some from this diet is the high mercury content of fish, which can cause many different health problems.

Ovo-Diets – This diet concentrates on the eating of eggs and has higher levels of protein as well. Eggs have virtually all the nutrition needed for an individual, though generally speaking, these diets may lead to higher cholesterol levels.

Juice Diets – Juice diets became popular with many who use additives such as whey powder and even matcha green tea powder to make the juice even healthier. These juices served as meal replacements and led to a healthier diet overall. Many have criticized the diet for the high sugar diet of all time.

The Low Fat Diet – Many people believe that in order to diet you have to eliminate fat from your diet. While that is not exactly true, low fat diets have become popular and will remain so for years to come. These diets limit oil, butter, and other fat additions and tend to be steamed or cooked in a lighter way. As such, often times these meals tend to not be as tasty as other meals.

The Mediterranean Diet – This diet is designed around the eating habits of the Mediterranean people, which tends to have high usage of olive oils, fresh seafood, plenty of vegetables, and many other local specialties including olives and wine. Fava beans are another common ingredient in this diet.

Fasting Diet – Fasters do not eat for long periods of time and believe that doing so is healthy and helps regular your body more efficiently. Some go days and up to weeks without food. The science may even be behind this diet as there is evidence that fasting limits the creation of free radicals in your body which are healthier for you.

Dash Diet – This diet is designed to lower your sodium level and ultimately your blood pressure. The removal of sodium from foods is done in combination with the eating of more vegetables and fruits as well.

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