Tooth loss causing you problems? Get dental implants

Periodontitis which is gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. Patients do lose teeth through accidents and in some cases due to a medical condition. The ways in which teeth have been replaced over the past decades is with dentures or bridges. In the 1960s a revolutionary procedure was first conducted on a person which involved imitating natural teeth by inserting an artificial root into the jawbone and fixing a crown on top. Since then the treatment has evolved and today it is a procedure which is widely used today. Many treatments have been conducted using dental implants Bromley bringing long lasting relief to thousands of patients.

Don’t wait!

When a patient loses a tooth from any cause there are serious health risks that may occur. The opening left by your lost tooth can allow bacteria to gain entry into your gums. This bacteria can gradually cause gum disease which will lead to further tooth loss and degeneration of the jawbone. This loss of density to the jawbone will eventually show in sunken features of the face. The support provided when there is a full set of teeth is removed and teeth on either side of the one that has been lost will start to move towards the gap. Teeth become loose and result in further tooth loss. When teeth move in a patient’s mouth they tend to alter the bite and therefore they do not meet correctly. This can result in problems with the jaw or developing the habit of grinding the teeth.This, in turn, can cause enamel damage, chipping and cracking, tooth sensitivity and headaches as well as tooth decay. Having an implant as soon as possible after the tooth loss will reverse jawbone degeneration, because the body will identify that there is something in the lost tooth socket stimulating the bone and will send nutrients to promote healing.

More than a cosmetic solution

Losing a front tooth can make a patient feel terribly self-conscious, especially when speaking and smiling. This is a severe blow to anyone’s self-esteem and having a prosthetic replacement that looks and behaves like a natural tooth will help to restore anybody’s confidence. Loss of a rear tooth can badly affect a patient’s ability to chew their food properly, resulting in digestive problems. Having a tooth replacement that works and looks as good as the natural tooth provides peace of mind as well as confidence.

Implantology evolution

Since the first implant rapid development has brought a variety of dental replacement options for patients. A single implant will support one tooth or four in a row and four can support an entire mouthful of teeth. Dentures can also be retained using implants with the ability to remove the dentures to facilitate cleaning. This provides a more secure and solid platform and allows the patient to eat almost any food with confidence.

Patient care

Technology has been invaluable in the development of the latest dental procedures. As a dental practice staying up to date with the latest equipment and techniques is vital to provide twenty-first century dental care. Regular seminars and training in the most current dentology practices ensure that patients are able to benefit from the latest dental developments.

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