Tips to Help You Find Peace When Dealing With Leg Pains


Pain in the leg is often a sign of a vein issue that requires prompt attention. Find out why you have the problem and ways to avoid it in the future by seeking the services of El Paso Desert West Vein & Surgery Center. Leg pains often highlight an underlying condition that, when left untreated, can mean more medical trouble for you. That is why you need to check out the services of Dr. Atur Kasha, DO, to help manage or eliminate the situation.

What is the reason why you have leg pains?

People with leg pains often have other hidden vascular issues that are discovered when they visit their doctor for relief. You can have the following issues that exacerbate your leg pains:

  •         Restless leg syndrome
  •         Varicose Veins
  •         Deep vein thrombosis
  •         Chronic venous insufficiency
  •         Leg wounds, such as ulcers
  •         Artery diseases
  •         Vain disorders

Also, symptoms that accompany leg pains include:

  •         Swelling at various points of your leg
  •         Fatigue
  •         A burning sensation
  •         Itching
  •         Skin discoloration
  •         Vein changes showing on the skin

How do you receive a leg pain diagnosis?

Desert West Vein & Surgery Center has various ways to help you cope with your vein problems. However, before reaching the intervention stage, Dr. Kasha will use various techniques to ensure your situation receives the right medication and treatment. Firstly, your doctor will examine your medical history to understand whether you have ever reported a history of vascular issues.

Additionally, you will receive a complete examination of your legs and veins to find out the true cause of your leg pain. After the physical examination, you will also receive an ultrasound at various points on your leg to understand the movement of blood and any obstruction that causes pain in your legs.

You will also notice various tools such as the transducer to help check your veins’ nature for the correct treatments.

What are the available options for eliminating leg pain?

Once your doctor discovers the reason for your leg pain, you will receive various treatment options unique to that issue. For instance, when you have spider veins as the underlying cause of leg pain, your doctor offers treatments unique to that situation, such as lifestyle changes.

Your doctor can also recommend exercises, weight loss, elevating of legs frequently, wearing leg stocking with compression capabilities, and some medications to eliminate varicose veins.

The treatment at Desert West Vein & Surgery Center depends less on medications and you will only receive those as the last line of treatment. Minimally invasive interventions have little side effects and less downtime than medicines or other advanced forms of treatment.

The symptoms you highlight to your doctor will help provide a treatment plan that eliminates your unique issue in the shortest time possible.

Benefit from minimally invasive procedures to help you eliminate leg pains. Contact Desert West Vein & Surgery Center to find out the best way to deal with your leg pains.

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