Tips To Gain More Muscles With Less Workout

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It is often believed that when you put more work and effort in doing something, you will achieve better results.  But that is not always the case especially when you work out at the gym to have better and stronger muscles.

Spending less time in the gym could actually make you bigger and stronger.  The muscles can only grow bigger and stronger if you provide it with enough time to recover.  When you go to the gym, you should train with minimum amount of volume to yield an adaptive response.  After triggering your body by working out, you should stop and give time for your body to recover.  Further stress to the body by training too much will increase your recovery time.

If you want to gain stronger and bigger muscles without stressing your body, follow these tips:

* Train no more than 3 days a week

* Workout for less than an hour only

* Perform 5-7 sets for large muscle groups like chest, back and thighs and 2-4 sets for smaller muscle groups like shoulders, biceps and triceps.

* Write a jurnal of your activities, a weight loss journal can become one of the important components of your weight loss plan. It is not a food journal or a food diary, way much more than that. A good weight loss journal deals more with the emotional aspects of eating, exercising and getting fit.

Here are 4 reasons you should be writing a weight loss journal:

1. Building a Support Network. There are a lot of great weight loss blogs out there. A good weight loss blog tells a story that interests people. These are experiences they want to read from struggling start through the success in weight loss.  When you write a weight loss blog you are joining a community of like souls who support each other through comments, emails, and links. Most dieters have a support network that rarely extends beyond the four walls of their homes.

2. Gaining Accountability. The hardest part about writing a weight loss blog is being honest. Tell the world how you felt when someone snickered at you for your size. Get out there and write about how you slipped up and ate the entire bag of cookies.  Take accountability for your decisions and their impact on your weight loss plans.  Writing a weight loss blog gives you the vehicle for documenting and improving upon the daily decisions that are the difference between success and failure.

3. Recording History. As the story of your weight loss journey unfolds in your weight loss blog, you’ll have continual reminders of how far you have come.  You will forget that only a year ago you are not able to do 100 crunches at a time and that you used to eat two burgers to get through lunch. By looking at the long term view you can still see your success, even through all of the ups and downs along the way.

4. Ensuring Success. The dieter who blogs openly about weight loss journey will be more successful than the dieter who goes it alone.  The support network you will build will inspire you.  The accountability you will gain from being honest will keep you on the good track.  The story you are recording will be the reminder of that you are doing well.  All of this will lead to the success you want to achieve.

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