Tips to Eliminate Neuroma for a More Comfortable Life

A neuroma can bring you painful sensations, especially when wearing your shoes. You will mostly feel that there is a rock stuck in your shoe, but in reality, it is a medical situation that requires a prompt address. You can deal with the problem entirely when you find a Colorado Springs neuroma expert who will quickly diagnose and offer medication that provides quick relief. Matthew Hinderland, DPM, the head of the treatment, has the right skills and tools to check out your issue and offer quick relief.

Why is a neuroma such a big issue?

Neuromas are growths that mainly attack your foot; they grow in the same way as cancers but fortunately do not spread to other regions. When you fail to reach your doctor soon, you will notice elevated symptoms of the problem, such as burning, numbness, tingling, and irritation that can gradually reduce your life quality.

You will also notice an elevation of the symptoms when you press or sit on your legs. One significant issue about neuromas is that they can grow bigger, putting you in more harm’s way. Fortunately, you can find quick relief by visiting the Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado.

Why do neuromas appear on your feet?

Neuromas often appear as a protective means to prevent your nerves from danger. When you walk around or accomplish any other activities, your body can exert some pressure on your feet, making you susceptible to neuromas as a way for protection. Therefore, neuromas are a series of protective tissues that grow to prevent nerve damage. The extra tissue that grows, the neuroma, pricks on your nerves, making you feel pain or have a disturbing tingling sensation.

The situations that put you more at risk of neuromas include:

  •         Foot trauma, especially in the instances you have dropped something heavy on your feet
  •         Wearing shoes that tightly cover your foot
  •         Sudden and high impact exercises that involve running
  •         Having high arches or sometimes flat feet

The reasons for your neuroma can help your doctor provide the right treatment. Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado has the right tools to achieve just that and offer you helpful therapies to improve your situation.

What are the treatments that exist for neuromas?

Effectiveness is the major goal for Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado, and the center offers various treatments that follow your symptoms. You can have therapies and treatments such as:

  •         Corticosteroid injections that help with your pain
  •         New footwear that will reduce the pressure in your foot
  •         Receiving pads that offer protection on your foot
  •         Custom orthotics, which is a treatment to reduce many leg issues
  •         Anti-inflammatory medication, which also helps in reducing your pain

Find comfort when you walk with neuroma treatment from Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado. Find out why you are more susceptible to the problem with proper advice to prevent the condition from constantly attacking you. Begin your journey to leg comfort by making a call or scheduling online.

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