Tips to Choose Shapewear for Your Body

No one in the world is in the same shape, and we are convinced that everybody is pretty. However, you have the only type, and the most important thing to look your best is embracing your body and then dressing in the right way. If you have a slim body, black lace bodysuit is certain to be a great choice.

Shapewear is cool, it is beautiful, as well as useful for ever body type. Do you have any idea to show your best? Here are some suggestions as below.

Sexy Shapewear-GalShape

Round Figured

If you are round figured, you may have a fuller bust and midsection, narrow shoulders and hips, so your challenge for looking your best is slimming and defining the waistline, we recommend you to do so:

Corsets and cinchers: These are the ultimate way to draw in your midsection and show the waistline.

Shaping camis: They are perfect with any kinds of clothing and you will have a smooth and controlled waistline with them on.

Straight Figured

You have a long and slim body type, with waist, shoulders and hips in similar proportion. Your figure looks elegant naturally, your goal with shapewear is to add some curves in the right places.  So plus size corsets are not suppose to be on your list, our first suggestions for you include:

Butt-enhancing shapers: look better on your hips while getting your waist slimmed.

Cincher vests: Slim your waistline, smooth your back and add more curves by lifting your bust.


You are in this body type, you have curves that naturally balance, with smaller waistline than your bust and hips, your challenge is to smooth and add some curves control, here are our top suggestions:

All-over shaping bodysuits: Their goals are to slim your waist and lift your butt, as well as get a smooth figure.

Corselettes: They are a sexy and ideal option while wearing under dresses and skirts, they can slim your waistline, hug your hips and enhance your rear.

plus size shapewear

Curvy on Bottom

Thanks to your curvy hips and slimmer waist, you look great in jeans. Because your hips are wider than your upper half, your objective is to enhance your bust or control those hips and thighs, for you we recommend:

Thigh-slimming shapers: Get your hips and thighs controlled, and your curves smoothed.

Braless shaping tanks/camis: They can highlight your waistline and lift your bust.

Shapely on Top

You have noticeably larger upper half than hips, your goal with shapewear is to soften your shoulders and define your waistline, create more balance from top to bottom. Our suggestions for you as below:

Enhancing panties and shapers: Get more volume to your rear with your panties added.  Also, a shapewear for women that defines your waistline for more curves and soften your shoulder is a good option.Full-body shapers: Make your lower half controlled and enhanced, choose a braless garment so you can match it with your favourite bra.

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