Tips on Nootropic Safety and Addiction


We always want to be smart; that is one of our main goals way back in school. We studied very hard to get high scores in our exams. Striving to get those straight A’s seemed not that big of a deal when we were children. As we grew older though, things start to change. Our priorities differ, and sometimes may clash with other people. It is not about being smart anymore; it’s about being effective and efficient with your job designation. This is why many people tend to do everything just to improve their performance.

As with any kind of job or task, training is very important for growth and improvement. It is a grueling experience, but it is so worth it once you reach the end of your goal. It is a step by step process with more in between those steps. You can fail so hard that you may want to quit before the first day even starts. However, it is rather important as training doesn’t happen overnight. It needs a process and steps to follow before you can even consider it a training. This is especially true for many types of skills including mental ones.

But of course, this does not stop people from trying to use shortcuts.


Brain supplements have been in business for decades, with numerous people swearing on their effectivity. There are so many plants that have been said to improve your brain capacity and activity like Ginkgo Biloba and Bacopa Monnieri. These are collectively known under the term “nootropics”. These are supplements that can help in improving your neurological help and overall brain function. However, some of these products are actually counterfeits and could even harm instead of help you. Some are also just straight up sugar pills that do nothing to your body. How can you make sure that you are taking legitimate products for your own health? Here are some tips that you may want to look into before venturing into brain supplements.

  1. Remember That These Nootropics Are Not Necessarily Medicines

There are many researches pertaining to the wonders of many herbs and nootropics. Some of them even said that they can cure diseases like epilepsy and depression by drinking their wonder supplement. However, most of the nootropics found online are like vitamins: you take it for a temporary boost of energy. It is not always a cure for any kind of disease. Speaking of diseases…

  1. Anything “Natural” Can Still Be Harmful With The Wrong Dosage

Always check with your doctor before taking in any supplements. Yes, nootropics are made from natural ingredients so they are not harmful. This kind of thinking is actually quite dangerous as there are a lot of addicting drugs in the world that came from nature. Have you ever heard of cocaine? A strain of it can be found from coca plants in South America. Aside from these dangerous drugs, some “herbal” medicines can also become addicting if the person already depends on it without proper reason. Learn more about it by clicking here.

  1. If You Are Going To Buy Supplements, Get Them Through Legitimate Sellers

We cannot stress this enough as there are a lot of nootropic sellers online and you need to be careful about purchasing there. Always look for legitimate sellers, those with an FDA approved stamp. Some of these nootropics are also sold in seedy places like certain website for a lower price. If you think that the website you are checking out is a little shady, dig in a little deeper. Find any certificates that they can show online. Look for warning signs like a total lack of information or exaggerated opinions about the product. You can always take the medicinal herbs fresh but be forewarned: always check with your doctor before doing so.


  1. Do Your Own Research

Do not just depend on what you can read from a bottle or a blog post. Ask questions even further than what we can share right here. Look for more evidences about the effectivity of the product that you are trying to use. Read more about the proper ways that you can prepare fresh herbs for your concoctions. Look for the best brands in the nootropics world according to actual users of the product. Check out websites like for more information. Be vigilant about information that you are getting from any kind of source. There is nothing wrong with asking questions, just prepare to look for your answers.

  1. Pair Nootropics With Brain Trainings Or Exercises

Drinking nootropics does not make you smart instantly. Usually, it helps in increasing your mental alertness and readiness to accept information. In other words, nootropics does not work if you are not using your brain. Aside from drinking them, try taking some mental exercises like simple memorization or breathing exercises. You can also do mental games like Sudoku and other puzzles to increase your brain activity. It always takes an effort before even seeing actual results so keep that training going and see where it takes you,

People tend to forget that these are not miracle drugs; they were developed to help you, not solve all your problems. Nootropics are really helpful in making your brain work better than ever before. However, do not abuse it as it can have adverse effects to your whole body. If you want to take nootropics, better consult your doctor and seek advice from other professionals.

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