Tips On Increasing Your Metabolism To Burn Maximum Calories

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Here are a few tips on increasing your metabolism to sculpt a lean body and burn maximum calories.

Increasing your metabolism is all about building more lean muscle.  The more lean muscle you have, the more your metabolism increases and the more calories your body burns.  You can increase your metabolism with strength training and other physical activities.

Metabolism is defined as the amount of calories (energy) that you burn – it is the conversion of calories to usable energy.  How fast this happens is what your metabolism is.  As we age, our metabolism does slow because we are not as active and we lose muscle.  This can be prevented by staying active and performing strength training.

Everyone no matter their age, has the ability to increase their metabolism.  The following tips on increasing your metabolism will help your body build muscle and burn more calories.

Strength Training –   Perform strength training only three times a week with at least one day of rest in between sessions.

Pick two exercises for each muscle group (legs, arms, back, chest, shoulders) and perform two sets per exercise.  Each exercise should be done very slowly so you really work the muscles.

Change your program after you notice a slow down in progress.  After your workout your metabolism will be elevated for several hours.  As you build more muscle, you will automatically be burning more calories all day.

Aerobic  Exercise – Perform at least thirty minutes of aerobic exercise three days a week or more.  A variety of different exercises will keep it from getting boring.

Try something new – exercising on a mini-trampoline gives you a great workout.  Take a water aerobic or dance class.  Make it fun.  Interval training will burn extra calories – add short bursts of high intensity to your routine.

Don’t pass up a chance for activity.  Take the stairs, go inside instead of through the drive up, do some squats when you are waiting for dinner to cook, do some leg lifts while sitting on the couch watching television, lift your arms up to the ceiling and back down while you are waiting for your computer to load.  Even small movements will help.

Eat smaller meals every three or four hours.  This will increase your metabolism – your body won’t ever think that it is starving and put itself into hibernation mode (slow down).

Drink more water to flush the toxins from your body and to stay hydrated.

Make sure you are eating a healthy diet which includes lots of vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts.   Increasing your fiber with foods such as vegetables will also increase your metabolism.

Stay away from refined carbohydrates; they will slow down your metabolism.  Make sure you include omega-3 rich foods such as flax seed in your diet – they are found to dramatically increase your metabolism.

Don’t get stressed out. Stress has been shown to stimulate the release of the hormone cortisol which slows down the metabolism and causes weight gain.  Emotional eating is also a problem when there is excess stress in our lives.

Get more sleep.  Studies show that not getting enough sleep can slow down your metabolism.  Try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night.

Incorporate these tips on increasing your metabolism and you will be on your way to burning maximum calories, losing weight and sculpting a lean and slim body.

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