Tips on How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

dog in a car

Whether your pet goes with you everywhere or just rides in your vehicle occasionally when you take them to the vet, there is always a real challenge when it comes to trying to get dog hair out of your car. You can find yourself looking around your car’s interior and seeing hair in hard to reach places and wondering to yourself how those hairs possibly got there! Don’t fret – here we offer you a total of nine different methods you can use to to remove pet hair from your new car.

1 – Vacuum

You will want to start with a relatively simple first step. Vacuum all of the hair that you can reach to start with so you can focus on the hairs that seem almost impossible to get out because they are embedded in the carpet or upholstery (or pretty much anywhere, it seems).

If you often travel with your dog you should consider getting a handheld vacuum that will be easier to maneuver with. You can also keep it in your vehicle so that it is conveniently available when needed.

2 – Rubber Gloves

A rubber glove will help you in your process of cleaning up the hair. You can use the yellow rubber gloves you clean the house with (preferably those with the little rubber bumps on them) or latex gloves will work. Put on the dry glove and rub your hand in one direction over all of the upholstery. The dog hair should stick to the glove.

If this is not working very well for you then you can wet the glove somewhat which will add moisture and weight to the hair and will help it to clump so it will be easier to clean.

If you don’t have any rubber gloves on hand you can use a wet sponge or cloth to achieve the same result.

3 – Hair Curlers

Another “out of the box” idea is to use a set of curlers. These work especially well if used on a carpet or rougher surface. Run or roll the curler along the surface and it should pick up the excess hair that your pet has left behind. If you are using it on a softer material you might want to test a small area to make sure it will not rip the fabric. You can also bend the curlers and use them in hard to reach spots.

4 – Balloons

How about a balloon? Yes, they are not just for parties! You can use the static electricity from a balloon to attract the pet hair that you have left in your vehicle. Wipe the balloon along the surface and then wipe the hair off of the balloon and reuse the balloon as needed. This method is good for hair that is laying on the surface but will not work as well on embedded hair.

5 – Lint Roller

Use the lint roller you have left over. Take the roller and either wrap it with packing tape or duct tape (sticky side out). This will help to pick up all those pesky hairs. If you use packing tape you will be less likely to have tape residue left on your upholstery.

6 – Pumice Stone

Another idea is to try using a pumice stone. This is an especially cost-effective method for removing pet hair from your vehicle and works really well on flooring and car mats. This is another method where you will have to test the fabric if you want to use it on other areas of your car. You will want to use the stone along with fabric softener. This will help to get rid of the stone debris and make it easy for the hair to come off of the stone.

7 – Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets will not only help to get the hair off of the upholstery but will ensure that your car smells fresh in the process. Just run the dryer sheet over the surface of the vehicle’s upholstery and it will remove the pet hair and dust from your car.

8 – Wire Brush

You would probably never think of it but you can also use a wire brush to get rid of that stubborn pet hair. This is often used by pet owners as the last step to cleaning out their vehicle and can often be bought for less than $10.

9 – Squeegee

Last, but not least, is the squeegee. If you move the rubber blade in a single direction you will see that it will grab the remaining hair in the vehicle. The best part about this tool is its ability to be used for more than one thing. When you are done getting the dog hair out of your vehicle you can use it to clean your windows!

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