Tips for Staying Motivated on a Diet

Keeping up with your diet plan is amongst one of the most difficult things to do. Most people give up the dieting steak after a few weeks, and there are some who don’t even start – thinking of the worst.

But if you know your body well, and impress your mind with motivations, then you should be able to stick to your diet. Here are some tips to help you sail through your dieting plan.

  • Don’t procrastinate: Our mind tends to dissuade us from doing something that we think of as cumbersome. And that’s one of the reasons people, by and large, tend to procrastinate. There is a simple way to do away with it, and that is by start doing things that you are uncomfortable with. After a little while, that feeling will fade down and you would end up finishing it. So don’t procrastinate – just do it.
  • Develop an interest in Diet: Read about it, like articles on how the dieting works, why some foods are forbidden, and why exercise is important. When you learn the mechanism, you would be in a better position to judge it. It would then come as a second nature to you.
  • Maintain a diary: The primary purpose of maintaining a diary is to record experiences, so that any time you really find yourself tempted to eat a high-calorie dessert, you can look up the diary and see how you felt when you stuck to the diet. Diary also helps you recap things that learned during the course of dieting.
  • Maintain a streak: Pick up a sheet of paper and write down the specifics of diet – like eating salad, exercising, etc and tick the action that you performed on that particular day. It would help you look back at the total streak, and just like any other process will get stronger from time to time.
  • Imagine yourself with ideal weight: It is one of the biggest motivating factors that can help you keep track of your dieting and follow it with more enthusiasm. While you are at it; it is a good idea to keep pictures of those who did it too. You can either bookmark an article written by them, or save their photograph.
  • Try law of opposite ideas: Now, if nothing works and if are you are very much tempted to get out of the diet plan, then take a break and try thinking of what would happen if you break the plan – back to obesity, unfit body etc. The mind takes some time to organize, so take about 2-minute break before deciding if you really want to break the diet plan. In 2 minutes, the law of opposite idea should work for you and will help you desist from eating what you shouldn’t.
  • Revisit your plan: Keep doing it every now and then, remember, it is always good to have some flexibility in your plan, otherwise, even if you follow the plan for 100 days and miss out on 2, you will feel terribly demotivated. Remember, it isn’t a plan, if it doesn’t take your lifestyle into the account.
  • Live your plan: Add any good reminder extension to your chrome that prompts you to drink water, eat well etc. Just don’t follow the diet – live it.
  • Make use of smart applications: There are many smart applications developed today that offer you the best weight loss tips along with a well-planned diet suggestion according to your Body Mass Index (BMI). You can download such applications and make use of them to plan your workout and diet schedules.

It isn’t difficult to stick to the diet. Once you start with the plan, you would see yourself donning the dieting cap very well. If you can, find buddies who are dieting too, and just like with every other trait, it would help as you can keep each other motivated.

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